IDEP Foundation

Wastewater Garden

Untreated sewage is a leading cause of environmental degradation and it is reaching alarming proportions in Bali and throughout Indonesia.

Meanwhile untreated sewage is a leading cause of disease. Dengue fever is endemic in Bali, and the disease is transmitted via vectors that breed in water such as mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches.

After working with constructed wetlands Wastewater Gardens for several years, IDEP is now focusing on developing community awareness and providing options for appropriate community sanitation to address these pressing environmental and health issues at the community level.

IDEP’s goal is to minimize disposal of sewage in rivers, mangroves and dump sites, and share knowledge with communities and construction professionals about good (and simple) practices for wastewater treatment.

IDEP offers training and community support for basic planning in separation of blackwater and greywater, primary treatment; proper construction of septic tanks, drum systems and filters; as well as options for secondary treatment such as constructed wetlands and drum systems and proper disposal of treated water. Please Contact Us for inquiry or to get more information.