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Seeds saving & Sustainable Agriculture 'Seeds for Change'

Bali: Bangli Prison inmate farmers collect heirloom seeds to share with IDEP's growing organic network.

IDEP Foundation’s core mission for food security into the future - “Seed saving and sustainable agriculture” - is a clean, green, community-inclusive pathway to reduce poverty in Bali and beyond.

Seed saving and organic permaculture farming or home gardening initiatives are growing IDEP Foundation’s successful cooperative networks with more than 20 local farmers across Bali and new program networks on Flores, Papua and in North Sumatra.

IDEP Training Centre provides skills and education in sustainable agriculture, waste management, organic food production, seed saving and more – a positive stride in the struggle against genetically-modified (GM) seeds and poverty among local farming communities.

IDEP trainers empower farming communities with organic food gardens development in villages for daily access to fresh vegetables - as well in seed-saving practices to contribute stock into seed banks for redistribution. To ensure quality seed preservation, IDEP monitors farms.

Sustainable farming and seed saving initiatives aim to reduce dependency and/or free farming communities from entrapment in the chemical agricultural- GM seeds cycle, as well as share the tools and knowledge needed to create sustainable incomes for poor communities hidden away from the tourist sights of Bali.

IDEP Foundation supports farmers by buying the newly produced seeds, markets the seeds locally and nationally – also available by online order - and organizes weekly organic markets for local beneficiaries to display, promote and sell their organic products to the public.

Help IDEP to expand our seed saving farmer network on Bali & beyond – we urgently need to train more farmers to build up our IDEP Seed Bank - to distribute more organic, heirloom seeds for future food security:

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Fast facts:

•          IDEP in Bali: Supporting 20 Bali-wide farms contributing heirloom seeds to IDEP Seed Bank; Village networks trained by IDEP, includes: independent producers bordering Bangli Prison; Inmate farmers also grow fresh, organic food for the prison kitchen, contributing to the seed bank for expansion of organic farmer networks across Indonesia; and IDEP’s Boeing Corporation-supported biogas project for clean, renewable energy at a permaculture village in Karangasem, east Bali. The programs continue to grow.

•          IDEP Seeds /total: (Bali) – up to 20 vegetable and herbs varieties available – Total seeds production in 2015  = 26 kg/ growing up to 800 000+ food plants

•          IDEP on Flores: Training in Flores islands since 2012 - in former- impoverished, drought-stricken villages, the beneficiary communities rapidly organised to form market garden microenterprises – transforming standards of living and nutrition levels, resilience to disasters


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