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To Bring Paradise Back To Talaud

Prior to 2016, communities of six villages in Talaud Islands, North Sulawesi, had to struggle amid severe ecosystem damage. This is due to since the 1970s, chemical pesticides are constantly being spread (even by planes) to all areas of their coconut plantations targeting pests eating their copra, which is the island's top list commodity.

Mama Rian: From Consumer to Producer

"Now it's different after the training and getting knowledge from IDEP," said Carolina Yaku Danga when she talked about the benefits after participating in permaculture training in her neighborhood at RT 15, Watumbaka village, East Sumba. Other than Mama Rian, as she is familiarly called, 15 other residents also participated in the training held in early 2018.

CHAMP for Clean Water Access, Proper Sanitation and Sustainable Livelihood Models in East Sumba

East Sumba, in East Nusa Tenggara, is stealing a lot of attentions lately. Evidently, in the last four years, two big film productions put East Sumba as their background, both natural and cultural ones.

And as it is often presented in the films, savanna view becomes one of the reasons that make East Sumba popular. Especially when the sunset comes. The grasslands, rarely trees, horse and grazing cows and reddish sun at the end


To Provide Eligible Sanitation Access, IDEP Foundation and PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. Established 12 Units of WWG Toilet in East Sumba

The absence of healthy and proper sanitation for the residents of Kawangu and Watumbaka villages in East Sumba is finally going to be resolved. As many as 12 units of toilets built by Yayasan IDEP with support from PT HM Sampoerna through Collaborative Habitat Advancement Management Program (CHAMP) in both villages were finally inaugurated and handed over to the residents on April 19, 2018.

Welcome to IDEP Foundation


For almost two decades, IDEP has been delivering practical programs and public education activities to communities in need all over Indonesia. IDEP develops and delivers training, community programs and media about sustainable development through Permaculture, and community-based disaster management.

To date the work that has been done has resulted in:Over 10,000 kids joined environmental educational activities

  • Over 50,000 disaster survivors assisted
  • Over 14,000 downloads of educational media
  • Over 1,500 people learnt disaster management
  • Over 100,000 given emergency assistance
  • Over 40 educational films produced
  • Over 5,000 people learnt environmental management

Our media includes films, educational resources, booklets, manuals, board games, kid's activity books, and awareness-raising media such as posters and campaigns.

All of this important work was made possible thanks to supporters like yourselves. IDEP continues helping communities and need your continuous support. Click here to Support Our Work.

"Helping People to Help Themselves"


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In the Balinese language 'IDEP' is the aspect of human consciousness that is our ability to plan and think critically.

This name helps us convey our belief that in this age of increasingly challenging life situations, it is our ability to understand our environments and create appropriate solutions for sustainable development, that will maximize our positive impact on this world and give us all a better chance for survival.



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