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Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives for 2019 - 2023

IDEP's Vision

Resilient life in harmony with nature.


IDEP's Mission


  1. Strengthening community resilience
  2. Encouraging the sovereignty of local natural resources
  3. Preserve the environment and culture
  4. Increasing community capacity
  5. Strengthening institutions and networks with various parties


Work Value

  1. Sustainability
  2. Active without violence
  3. Community-based and focus on vulnerable groups
  4. Non-partisan
  5. Self sufficiency
  6. Effective and efficient
  7. Adaptive and strategic
  8. Accountability and transparency
  9. Communicative, solutive, and innovative
  10. Equality and gender justice


IDEP's Objectives 2019-2023

  • Increasing community capacity in Indonesia:

Deliver appropriate community resilience training and educational media for communities in recovery; Use permaculture to rebuild community resources in a sustainable  way;  Public  awareness  campaign  and  advocacy  related  to  sustainable living and disaster risk reduction in community and school level; Exchange information between institutions at national and local level on community resilience.

  • Media development to support community awareness:

Development and dissemination of community advocacy media on permaculture and disaster risk reduction; Public awareness through educational media for community and  school  level;  strengthening  social  media  campaign  to  support  organizational vision and mission.

  • Develop a replicable community modeling for sustainable living and community resilience:

Strengthen and enhance community resilience models; IDEP Institutes of Permaculture; Disaster risk reduction activity through training, reforestation and planting, seed saving/seed banks, water preservation, earthquake safe house for poor community; Implementation of renewable biogas energy.


IDEP Foundation strategic objectives 2019 - 2023


Please click here to download IDEP Foundation strategic objectives 2019 - 2023



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