Vision and Mission

Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives

IDEP's Vision

Safe and sustainable lives through understanding our interconnectedness with nature.

IDEP's Mission

  • Community empowerment - 'Help people help themselves' through the provision of relevant information, demonstrations and training
  • Community resilience - Assist communities that are vulnerable to disaster to develop resilience in a sustainable way
  • Disaster relief - Support communities that have been struck by disasters to attain safety and empower them through the recovery process

IDEP's Values

  • Community
  • Sustainability
  • Continuous improvement
  • Benevolence

IDEP's objectives 2008-2013

  • Develop a replicable model for community resilience in Indonesia: Curricula - Permaculture, CBDM, Community Resilience for both adults and children; A living model for community resilience
  • Deliver training and educational media to communities, especially in disaster prone areas: Establish network of partners; Deliver training; Disseminate related educational media
  • Facilitate information flow and support capacity for advocacy: Support information flow between international, national, and community bodies; Support community capacity building for advocacy
  • Strengthen local disaster response and recovery.
  • Integrate community resilience into recovery and rehabilitation: Deliver appropriate community resilience training and educational media for communities in recovery; Use permaculture to rebuild community resources in a sustainable way

IDEP Foundation Strategic Objectives 2008 - 2013

Please click here to download IDEP Foundation strategic objectives 2008 - 2013.