“Bali water crisis, tourism paradise in peril”


Bali Water Protection ProgramBali Water Protection Program - Save Bali Water

Did you know - Bali is running out of fresh water?

"Lack of management and overconsumption of water can cause aquifers to face groundwater depletion and land subsidence. Although Bali is a lush, tropical island with rich volcanic soil and a more than 1,000-year heritage of rice production, researchers estimate … 60% of Bali's water catchments are drying up".

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Did you know? Indonesia is world’s 2nd largest marine plastic polluter?

Indonesia trashes over 3 million tonnes of plastic pollution every year – much of it ending up in the world’s oceans, carried on sea currents to neighbour countries like Australia’s beaches and coral reefs, causing death to many marine creatures mistaking plastic for food or trapped in marine debris.

And now, two giant ocean garbage dumps, named Gyres, have formed across the Asia-Pacific region - Indian Ocean Gyre is south of Indonesia, and east of Australia is the South Pacific Gyre - full of trash carried on sea currents from across Asia and other countries.

· Do we feel “malu”?

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Bali: Bangli Prison inmate farmers collect heirloom seeds to share with IDEP's growing organic network.

IDEP Foundation’s core mission for food security into the future - “Seed saving and sustainable agriculture” - is a clean, green, community-inclusive pathway to reduce poverty in Bali and beyond.

Seed saving and organic permaculture farming or home gardening initiatives are growing IDEP Foundation’s successful cooperative networks with more than 20 local farmers across Bali and new program networks on Flores, Papua and in North Sumatra.

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Lombok: Raptors are a forest-health indicator species, now endangered or declining in Mt Rinjani National Park

Photo: Suparman

On the slopes of Mount Rinjani – a semi-active volcano on Lombok island, east of Bali, a little-known Critically Endangered raptor species, the Flores hawk-eagle has become a community treasure, the “panda bear” – or flagship species, of avitourism on Lombok. At least, that is the plan.

Flores Hawk-eagle (Nisaetus floris), a raptor or bird of prey, is endemic to several islands in the Nusa Tenggara region of Indonesia – including a small population in the lowland forests of Mountain Rinjani National Park, an area now heavily degraded by logging and commercial agriculture in national park buffer zones.

Known as an ‘indicator’ or ‘umbrella’ species, the raptors are ‘sentinels’ or ‘ecological barometers’ for the state of forest ecosystems.

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