“Bali water crisis, tourism paradise in peril”


Bali Water Protection ProgramBali Water Protection Program - Save Bali Water

Did you know - Bali is running out of fresh water?

"Lack of management and overconsumption of water can cause aquifers to face groundwater depletion and land subsidence. Although Bali is a lush, tropical island with rich volcanic soil and a more than 1,000-year heritage of rice production, researchers estimate … 60% of Bali's water catchments are drying up".

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Bali: Bangli Prison inmate farmers collect heirloom seeds to share with IDEP's growing organic network.

IDEP Foundation’s core mission for food security into the future - “Seed saving and sustainable agriculture” - is a clean, green, community-inclusive pathway to reduce poverty in Bali and beyond.

Seed saving and organic permaculture farming or home gardening initiatives are growing IDEP Foundation’s successful cooperative networks with more than 20 local farmers across Bali and new program networks on Flores, Papua and in North Sumatra.

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Lombok: Raptors are a forest-health indicator species, now endangered or declining in Mt Rinjani National Park

Photo: Suparman

On the slopes of Mount Rinjani – a semi-active volcano on Lombok island, east of Bali, a little-known Critically Endangered raptor species, the Flores hawk-eagle has become a community treasure, the “panda bear” – or flagship species, of avitourism on Lombok. At least, that is the plan.

Flores Hawk-eagle (Nisaetus floris), a raptor or bird of prey, is endemic to several islands in the Nusa Tenggara region of Indonesia – including a small population in the lowland forests of Mountain Rinjani National Park, an area now heavily degraded by logging and commercial agriculture in national park buffer zones.

Known as an ‘indicator’ or ‘umbrella’ species, the raptors are ‘sentinels’ or ‘ecological barometers’ for the state of forest ecosystems.

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With the technical assistance of University Politeknik Negeri Bali (PNB)


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IDEP Foundation - Bali Water Protection Program

Thank you for your financial support to BWP and to those we serve.


•    Via Paypal, please click the donation button and you will be taken to Paypal’s secure payment screen. Our account name is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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•    Note: Funds will not be used until this initial funding target has been reached At this stage we will seek donor approval to start the program even if we have not yet reached our full funding target.  Shall we not reach remaining funding target within 1 year, we will review the program to consider implementation on a smaller scale and seek donor agreement to do so. If no implementation is possible due to lack of sufficient funds, we will ask donor whether he/she wishes his/her donation to go to IDEP's other programs or to be refunded in full (minus a 3% processing fee and the fee applied by the bank or payment system used).

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IDEP Foundation - Bali Water Protection Program - Graph Budget

IDEP Foundation - Bali Water Program - Graph Funding

IDEP Foundation - Bali Water Protection Program - Graph Budget Resume

SUMMARY   IDEP Foundation - Bali Water Protection Program  DETAILED PROGRAM PRESENTATION  IDEP Foundation - Bali Water Protection Program  NEWS / PROGRAM UPDATES  IDEP Foundation - Bali Water Protection Program   CAMPAIGN

Did you know? Indonesia is world’s 2nd largest marine plastic polluter?

Indonesia trashes over 3 million tonnes of plastic pollution every year – much of it ending up in the world’s oceans, carried on sea currents to neighbour countries like Australia’s beaches and coral reefs, causing death to many marine creatures mistaking plastic for food or trapped in marine debris.

And now, two giant ocean garbage dumps, named Gyres, have formed across the Asia-Pacific region - Indian Ocean Gyre is south of Indonesia, and east of Australia is the South Pacific Gyre - full of trash carried on sea currents from across Asia and other countries.

· Do we feel “malu”?

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With the technical assistance of University Politeknik Negeri Bali (PNB)


SUMMARY   IDEP Foundation - Bali Water Protection Program  SUPPORT/DONATION   IDEP Foundation - Bali Water Protection Program  DETAILED PROGRAM PRESENTATION  IDEP Foundation - Bali Water Protection Program  CAMPAIGN

IDEP Foundation - Bali Water Protection Program

We need it - We use it - We benefit from it - We must protect it.

The Bali Water Protection (BWP) program is at present in the first phase of its fundraising process, requiring an initial funding of about US$ 100 000 prior to implementation. To achieve this goal, IDEP’s team is making sure that the program is publishing regular updates, both in its fundraising progress and inclusion in the local and international news.

Please do not hesitate to contact at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to visit our office to know more about BWP and be part of the good news

For a quick access to the media news, please scroll down or click here

Thank you so much for being part of this important journey for Bali's long-term freshwater resilience! 

As the program depends on your support, please check our Fundrazr page or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discover what we offer and how you can contribute.

. In a Snapshot - Bali Water Crisis on YouTube - Understand BWP in 2mins! - Sponsored by 42Gurus.com:
. Short Film about Bali Water Crisis - What it means for Bali's future! (6mins):

.  26th July 2017: IDEP was invited by the Bali Hotel Association to present the Bali Water Protection program to a pool of hotel environmental and engineering managers.
The solution to Bali's water crisis is known, now it is time for action!

.  22nd July 2017: Sosialisasi program dan pembinaan budaya hemat air dan peduli lingkungan, sabtu, 22 Juli 2017 di SMPN 12 DENPASAR. Acara diselenggarakan di halaman sekolah, diikuti oleh siswa kelas 1 sejumlah kurang lebih 200 siswa

.  13th July 2017: "Sustainable travel with Buffalo Tours, new BWP partner

.  10th July 2017: The power of music is real !!!
Thanks to the generosity of Tubby Love, Amber Lily Uilani and Be The Change charities for their amazing donation of US$ 4368 for Bali Water Protection!


.  5th June 2017BWP article "Waterbom Bali Going Further in Protecting Bali’s Freshwater"

.  BWP article "A Big Step Forward For Bali's Water Scarcity Advocacy"

.  21st May 2017:

.  6th May 2017: game "water issues and solutions at "Banjar Campout" event

.  26th April 2017: BWP announced a parntership with the Eco Living SUmmit as being one of the beneficiaries for the online event's profits

.  23rd April 2017: two musicians coming to Bali to perform at the Bali Spirit Festival wrote a song to raise funds and awareness for the Bali Water Protection program. This fundraising is done in partnership with BeTheChange who will match the donations received through downloads of the song.

.  22 & 23rd April 2017: we were so excited to be part of the Malu Dong festival to raise awareness about the Bali water crisis and its solution to kids and youths!

.  21st April 2017: IDEP was lucky to be part of the Sustainable Solutions 2017 held at the Green School. With both a public talk and a booth, great awareness was created!

. 27th February 2017  : IDEP has inaugurated its demonstration recharge well with the medias and BWP sponsors Fivelements, Waterbom Bali, Eco Mantra and Buffalo Tours

. 17th February 2017 : the Bali Water Protection program is now on UNWTO map of projects for the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development!

. 8th February 2017 : visit to the Sunrise School with Eco Mantra to discuss their fundraising ideas!

. 25th January 2017 : Technical meeting at IDEP. We have welcomed IDEP’s technical partners Maitri Fischer (Eco Mantra) and Dr Lilik Sudiajeng (Politeknik Negeri Bali)

. 11th January 2017 : Happy New Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development

. 27 December 2016 : Yoga Barn support to BWP through a fundraising New Year Eve event to start 2017 on a purposeful and healthy way

. 29 November 2016 : We received the visit of kids from Sunrise School, who also left behind a generous donation.

1 November 2016 : Sponsor News: We are happy to announce that Waterbom Bali has joined our CSR program, thank you!

20th September 2016 : did you read about Paul Spence and iwantmyname's CSR support to BWP?
http://www.idepfoundation.org/what-we-do/idep-news/332-discover-iwantmyname-pioneer-sponsor-of-the-bali-water-protection-program - We also have a video:

. 16th August 2016: IDEP newsletter featuring "Bali Water Protection: Pioneer CSR Program, A Business Responsibility"
IDEP has recently launched its BWP Pioneers Corporate Social Responsibility offer aiming to finance the Bali Water Protection program and save Bali's freshwater.
Pioneers sponsors have the chance to show business leadership in protecting the most valuable resource on Earth: water. As a pioneer, seed supporter of the high profile BWP program, the company will be showcased throughout program roll out across IDEP Foundation’s networks.
"iwantmyname" and "Bali Buda" have already signed up, and we hope that many others will help us to restore and protect our precious freshwater.

4th August 2016 : Sustainable Tourism: big donation from an organizer of Yoga retreat in Bali!
We just received a donation of USD 1500 from Vitality Moves whose guests for the yoga retreat raised funds save Bali's freshwater. "Each student on this retreat has to raise money to give back to the community we visit. I will be encouraging visitors form my community in Bali to think about contributing to the water and environment issues while they visit" (Michelle Redman)

16/17 July 2016 : IDEP and BWP in the highlights of the TrashStock Festival fundraising efforts.

. 7 July 2016: thanks to the support of one of our donors, we have hired a full-time communication and fundraising officer who is about to launch the communication campaign around our crowdfunding platform (https://fundrazr.com/5zytb). Without any proper communication campaign around the program, we are closed to having reached 2% of our funding goal of 845,000 US$ and invite you to help us see this important program get implemented.

28th June 2016 : Sustainable Tourism: the future we want to save Bali's freshwater
Bali's future change-makers have announced the future they want for Bali is "sustainable tourism". The question is "how will Bali achieve sustainability goals with a business-as-usual approach?

. 2-3 June 2016: Check out our article about this event organized by Institut Français http://www.idepfoundation.org/en/what-we-do/idep-news/327-sustainable-tourism-the-future-we-want-to-save-bali-freshwater

26th May 2016 : BWP on stage at Pechakucha : Julien Goalabré, our communication and fundraising officer gave a powerful talk on stage at PechaKucha Ubud: https://www.facebook.com/pknubud/photos/a.1398764377033184.1073741838.1397522170490738/1721125188130433/?type=3&theater

. January 2016: most grateful to 42 Gurus (http://www.42gurus.com) and Sosmed Ninja (http://www.sosmed.ninja) for making a short film about "Adopt a Well" both in Indonesian and in English. You can see both films on our YouTube channel in English here (https://youtu.be/-7eHdlZvJ6M) and in Indonesian here (https://youtu.be/WCH7ZrejTwI).

. BWP Youtube channel launch so that you may consult various techniques about groundwater recharge through rainwater-gravity-fed open wells: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMd6FJ_6DmFOLhqCf9mb50w. The wells we'll be designing with the university Politechnic Negeri Bali are based on the same principles but will have some modifications such as building filters outside of the well space for instance - and not inside or around as you will see in numerous cases - in order to facilitate long-term maintenance and easy access.

. 22 August 2015: launch of the program's crowdfuding platforms: https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/5zytb. (the film alone can be seen here: https://youtu.be/wK4m62BXU1Q). No publicity campaign planned for now.

. 5 June 2015 - ongoing: BWP received the official support and endorsement by the Governor of Bali and the follow-up endorsements since from all related key environmental public agencies for the implementation of our program (PDAM, BLH, BAPPEDA, PU, ESDM, etc), thanks to and through our partners university Polytechnic Negeri Bali. Some new well building programs are coming to light, This is fantastic news and a great and fundamental step forward as an important yet invisible part of our program  is to ensure that rainwater recharge wells will increasingly be an integral part of  all upcoming good-practice water management policy and governance. The urgency remains though as it is no longer 60%+ of freshwater reserve gone as indicated by our research in 2012-2013 but 75-80% according to a latest meeting organized by the Indonesian Association of Geologists (IAGI) last 25 April 2015.

. 28 April 2015: Official launch of our program through a press conference on 28 April 2015 - attended much beyond our expectations of which you will find some reports here below. Thank you to these journalists for coming so numerous!

. November 2014 - June 2015: Establishment and confirmation of partnerships and program parameters, budgets finalisations, communication material output

. January 2013 - June 2014: Program elaboration and partnership development

. November 2012: first meetings and discussions between IDEP and PNB

. We are now making available some posters if you wish to become program associates and invite publicly your clients to contribute to the program (A0 and below format).

IDEP Foundation - Bali Water Protection Program Poster   IDEP Foundation - Bali Water Protection Program Poster

Please click here if you want to download them.


Vexral (21/04/2017)
IDEP Bali Water Protection Program Unite W/ Musical Activists To Save The Water
Restoring an Ancient Balance with a Modern Solution
Isi Ulang Air Tanah Atasi Krisis Air Bali, Benarkah? (Indonesian)

. Bali Advertiser, 13/05/2015, p. 37
No Water, no Bali - Bali water crisis, researchers find solution, Bali Water Protection Program (BWP) / Penyelamatan Air Tanah Bali (English)

. Bali News, 5/3/2015
A Solution to Bali's Deepening Water Crisis (English)

. Harian Bali Tribune, 29/04/2015
Bali Krisis Air Bersih (Indonesian)

. Nasional Inilah, 29/04/2015
Cadangan Air Tanah di Bali Tersisa di Bawah 20% (Indonesian)

. Antara News Bali, 28/04/2015
Peneliti Cadangan Air Tanah 20 Persen (Indonesian)

. Bali Bisnis, 28/04/2015
Cadangan Air Tanah di Bali Tersisa Kurang Dari 20% (Indonesian)

. Bali Orti, 28/4/2015
Bali will be a drought without water (English)

. Berita Bali, 28/4/2015
Cadangan Air Tanah Dibawah 20 Persen, Bali Krisis Ekologi Tahun 2020 (Indonesian)

. Republika Online - ROL, 28/04/2015
Air Tanah di Bali Hampir Habis (Indonesian)

. Tribun Bai, 28/04/2015
Benarkah Bali Saat Ini Krisis Air Bersih (Indonesian)

. La Gazette de Bali N˚117, February 2015
Nappe Phreatique, eau douce, Bali touche le fond du puits (French/Francis)




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