Waterbom Bali has been a very supportive sponsor of the Bali Water Protection program as their wristband donation program towards saving Bali’s freshwater is extremely successful. Nowadays, they are also directly recharging the underground water tables thanks to their newly built recharge well.

Since November 2016, Waterbom Bali is asking every customer to support Bali Water Protection (BWP) program by donating their wristband’s deposit and, if very generous, what would be left in the wristband.

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On Bali, we believe “Every day is water day” – but 2017 World Water Day was a special day for the Bali Water Protection program with water at the centre of global attention.

In celebration of World Water Day, IDEP Foundation and BWP joined panellists at Bali’s Udayana University Campus on 23 March for “Water Scarcity versus Socio-environmental Stability” – a seminar and workshop - a big day for Bali’s water scarcity debate.

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IDEP – Indonesia – and Asia-Pacific gets serious about marine trash!

Marine Plastic Pollution

Photo: Francis Perez

Marine plastic trash and Bali are trending – Indonesia pledges to “combat this crisis” – and fundraising continues for IDEPs #CleanIslandsHealthySeas pilot – join us!

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