Sustainable travel with Buffalo Tours, new BWP partner

2017 is the year of International Year of Sustainable tourism for Development and we are proud to work with leaders of change in Bali’s tourism industry and we are thrilled to publicly announce our partnership with Buffalo Tours.

Sustainable vacation with buffalo tours - BWP new partner

The inclusion of BWP as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility program covers many aspects of what genuine leadership in sustainability tourism is about, including funding and advocacy for the cause of water protection in Bali.

When they contacted us to know more about the Bali Water Protection (BWP), we instantly knew that IDEP was on the verge of partnering with Buffalo Tours. Indeed, they were fully aware of the water crisis in Bali and had a strong desire to protect Bali’s beauty and magic to offer their guests an amazing experience in Bali.

Sustainable vacation with buffalo tours - BWP new partner

Matteo Bierschneider, Educational and Responsible Travel manager at Buffalo Tours has a complete understanding of the challenges of the province: “One of the biggest problems is lack of water. Bali is facing a Water Crisis and soon there won’t be enough water anymore”.

We are thrilled to introduce them to the solution that IDEP aimed to implement in Bali: the rain-fed recharge well and its amazing ability to replenish the aquifer depleting rapidly due to over-consumption. Coupled with a large-scale awareness media campaign and school educational curriculum, BWP has the potential to save Bali from facing water shortages and water pollution.

While funding is critical for the success of the Bali Water Protection program, IDEP strongly values the actions of Buffalo Tours to advocate for our project within their network of partners. Indeed, they have sent over 100 emails to the activity and accommodation providers they work with to invite everyone to join them in sponsoring the Bali Water Protection initiative to save Bali's freshwater.

It takes tremendous leadership to admit responsibility in an issue and seek to inspire others to do so too: “Our aim to inspire our partners to share that mission. We acknowledge that we are part of the problem but by taking over responsibility now, we want to become part of the solution” , said Matteo, on behalf of Buffalo Tours in their call to partners. Such courage is what makes business different in the eyes of customers who have plenty of choices when choosing who they would travel with. Indeed, more and more tourists choose to travel responsibly and look for travel and accommodation providers that have a positive impact on the people and place they benefit from.

Great advocate of Educational Travel all over Asia, Buffalo Tours also aims to include IDEP as a partner to provide sustainability education during travels, particularly for overseas students trips to Bali. For the time being, they raise great awareness about the need to protect water with three cars bearing educational messages and IDEP’s colors.

Sustainable vacation with buffalo tours - BWP new partner

BWP’s tagline is “water is everyone’s responsibility” because we all use water. As Buffalo Tours said to their partners: “You know best that water is essential to your business but more over it is essential to everyone who lives in Bali. Let’s work together on this!”. This is our vision as well: if we all work together, we will save Bali’s freshwater. Thanks to Buffalo Tours, we are one step further in this challenging mission.

Let's travel the sustainable way and save Bali's freshwater!

Sustainable vacation with buffalo tours - BWP new partner