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Thursday (21/4), Buleleng – Once hit by persistent drought, agriculture in Bali experienced a slap pretty hard on sustainability. Especially clove farmers in Nort...

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Saturday (26/3), Sanur – For the first time, in 2016, IDEP Foundation held an exhibition at the seaside. Sunny weather makes Mertasari Beach Festival (organized b...

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Start from today, Monday (14/3/2016) IDEP held an intensive training program of Community Permaculture Facilitation for eight days. This training conducted in IDEP brand new training center in IDEP...

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Bali Water Protection Program (BWP)

Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia: Bali’s natural fresh...

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1 - Tsunami thanks: Betumonga villagers of North Pagi, thank IDEP Foundation on a monitoring visit to the remote island, for disast...

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