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Seed Saving

With hybrid and Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) seeds flooding into Indonesia and the proliferation of GMO products globally, a viable alternative to this potentially catastrophic technology was clearly needed

Multi-national corporations involved in the GMO industry often use biased and misleading promotional materials, and access to clear information about GMO’s in the Indonesian language is very difficult to find.

In reaction to this, since 2003, IDEP Foundation has conducted a wide-range of activities in organic seed production with GMO and Seed Saving Information Kits. Training courses and assistance are provided to local farmers in Bali to produce seeds using various organic permaculture techniques and methods.

IDEP has a variety of vegetable seeds – see our current seeds price list.

Greens: lettuce, red lettuce, red spinach, kale, local spinach, Chinese cabbage, celery and sweet basil.

Vegetables: Local cucumber, round tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, local corn, red chili, green chili, eggplant, green eggplant, white eggplant, rosella, long beans, bitter gourd, kidney beans, peas and carrots).

All of IDEP’s seeds are suitable for Indonesian climates and have consistent values and quality for 6 generations of plant cycles. Organic cultivation of these plants ensures high standards of health and environmental sustainability for the consumer.

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Click here to contact IDEP Foundation and order your own organic seeds!. Due to the high demand of certain varieties of seeds, IDEP apologizes if we are unable to fulfill your requests immediately.