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  • Single Mother Survive in the middle of Pandemic

    Poorness was increasing during pandemic Covid-19. Many people lost their jobs, small-scale vendors close their stores, and not a few students must drop out. Statistics Indonesia Agency (BPS) releases that there is increased poorness more than 2,7 billion people in Indonesia during this pandemic. The majority income of people in Indonesia just got Rp. 460.000/person, or Rp. 2.200.000/family.

  • Single Mothers with Multiple Role in the Midst of Pandemic

    Until now, IDEP had distributed 110 Family Buckets to single mothers in Bali. Twelve of them are mothers from Tianyar, Karangasem. Family Bucket at least can fulfill family needs for a month. Because bucket contains healthy food, groceries, sanitary equipment, school supplies, and organic seeds. In this distribution, IDEP was assisted by the local NGO East Bali Poverty Project to support the progress of families in remote areas of Tianyar.

  • Siti Fadillah: Children Happiness is The First

    Siti Fadillah and her husband are always together, caring for their children and earning a living. After taking the children to school, they went to Kutuh Buah Market to sell porridge and chicken soup. "It was never called a separate sale," Siti recalls when I met her one afternoon in March 2022. "It's always the same thing, selling both."

  • Strengthen Subak Organization for Agriculture Sustainability in Bali

    The existence of Subak as part of World Heritage by UNESCO is in danger of being revoked. Moreover, Its environment is also threatened due to ecological problems, such as land conversion, water exploitation, and soil degradation. In response to these problems, the Group of Pekaseh[leader] Subak Catur Angga held several meetings and decided to make a Working Group (Pokja) in early 2020. "Through this Working Group, we hope to produce an agreement based on our needs in the future," said Ketut Suastika, PekasehSubak Catur Angga Working Group supervisor.

  • Subak Catur Angga Towards Sovereignty Through Eco-Friendly Agriculture

    Beyond expectations, the trial of implementing healthy and eco-friendly agriculture in an area of 10 acres in Subak Catur Angga, Tabanan, resulted in a satisfying harvest. 

  • Sumberklampok Farmer: Releasing Food Sovereignty Through Food Forest

    Community in Bukit Sari, Sumberklampok strives for food sovereignty through the design of a Food Forest that is more nature-oriented. Amid the government narrative about a food estate, which is predicted to achieve food security by destroying around 3.69 million hectares of forest. The local community of Bukit Sari with IDEP and KPA Bali came up with a food forest built on Ayahan Subak. This collective land is included in the agrarian reform object managed by the ex-East Timor community with 136.96 hectares.

  • The Fate of Subak in the Midst of the Water Resources Crisis

    Every year Subak has been decreasing in line with the shrinking water resources in Bali. “After 2015, in my area [Subak Uma Lebah, Petulu Village] the water debit began to decrease and dry land increased by one hectare every year,” said Kadek Suardika in the Bali Water Protection’s webinar “The Role of Subak in Water Resources Conservation” on Friday, 27 August 2021.

  • The Voices of Environmental Degradation

    "Voices in the Middle of Water Crisis" is here as a platform for anyone to talk about social, environmental, and psychological conditions when facing social and environmental degradation. Especially the presence of the water crisis, which is slowly starting to be realized. One by one, problems arose when clean water availability began to shrink.

  • Training of Communication in Disaster

    Recovery and rehabilitation efforts for the community that was impacted by the earthquake and liquefaction in Central Sulawesi are really important. Therefore, IDEP Foundation held some programs, such as food resilience for the community and strengthening Disaster Management Community Groups (KMPB) in each village.


  • Understanding Ecological Disaster for Community Resilience

    Indonesia has experienced 1,926 natural disasters, based on the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) report. Most of the disasters that occurred until June 2022 were floods (747) and extreme weather (690), then landslides (373) and forest & land fires (karhutla) (92). These four dominating disasters have often happened in Indonesia, and mitigation efforts have been carried out, according to BNPB. Even this disaster institution has declared that Indonesia has experienced an ecological emergency. However, the mitigation efforts sometimes escape the existing problems' source. According to The Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi), regular disasters occur due to the increasingly massive environmental damage.

  • Wayan Jarmin: Farmer From Bedugul Who Living from Sustainable Agriculture

    After changing his agriculture system into agroecology, Wayan Jarmin and his family's life has improved financially. "I wasn't sure before. But after being assisted with the marketing system, I'm convinced I'm excited," said Wayan Jarmin, a farmer from Bedugul who applies agroecology.

  • Wildfires Cause Depletion of Ozone Layers and Vice Verse

    Thirty-four years ago, the Montreal Protocol on efforts to reduce "Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer" was agreed. This meeting originated from scientists' findings in the late 1970s related to the emergence of a large hole in the earth's ozone layer.

  • Women Farmer Group Designing Economy Sustainability for Penglipuran Village

    For more than 20 years, the Government appointed Penglipuran Village as a tourism village. Annually, this village in Bangli District offers innovations that increase tourists' interest. One of them is loloh cemcem, which is already known as the local product of Penglipuran. Marketing efforts made by the community make this product famous in the world of the efficacy and taste of loloh cemcem. They pack and label it. Demand from tourists and other communities is also increasing.


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