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Family Bucket For Single-Parent Women In Bali: Phase 3

Started from September to December 2020, IDEP continued to distribute Family Bucket to single-parent women with school-age children in Bali. Following the previous phase to 18 families, there are 23 families who received the bucket in this phase 3. The families live in villages in five districts, including Gianyar, Buleleng, Karangasem, Bangli, Badung, and Denpasar city.

Prior to the pandemic, most of them have already carried out a heavy burden to survive as they work in the informal sector with daily-basis income. However, as the pandemic shut down Bali’s tourism industry since March, they are one of the most vulnerable groups. The support for single-parent women is part of IDEP collaboration with Bali Startup, Small Medium Enterprise One Stop Shop.

Family Bucket beneficiary in Gianyar district (Photo: Wira Utama)

Up to 31 December, the buckets have been received by 41 families. They spread over five districts and one city in Bali. With continued support from donors, the distribution will be carried on to reach out to more widows in the upcoming weeks.

Family Bucket beneficiary in Buleleng district (Photo: Made Sukadana)

The Family Bucket consists of daily basic needs, including main food and drink ingredients (rice, vegetables, eggs, cooking oil, spices, and milk), sanitary equipment (antiseptic soap and hand sanitizer), medicine and vitamin, growing kit (6 types of local-organic seeds, dolomite limestone, and bamboo polybag), school kit, and educational media related to COVID-19 and clean-healthy behavior. It is estimated for 2-4 weeks. To ensure the safety, both for the team and beneficiaries, the distribution was carried out under the COVID-19 protocols.

Family Bucket beneficiary in Bangli district (Photo: Made Sukadana)

Other than distribution, the IDEP team also shared educational information about COVID-19 and how to prevent it through clean and healthy behavior. The information is also featured on the educational media packaged in the bucket.

Family Bucket beneficiary in Denpasar city (Photo: Made Sukadana)

Thanks to all the donors for supporting this effort. Visit IDEP on Facebook Page for more stories and photos. (Ed)