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Happy Trails! Asia joins BWP for a positive future for Bali’s freshwater!

BWP is proud to announce a new supporter to the Bali Water Protection program: Happy Trails!
To celebrate this partnership, we have conducted a staff awareness session in their office.

Happy Trails! Asia is the third DMC (Destination Management Company) joining the pool of BWP supporters, demonstrating how important water is for these major actors of tourism, for caring decision-makers of companies advising visitors about what they will enjoy in our beautiful island.
The company’s mission is of course to provide exceptional travel experiences, but whilst making sure to maximise the positive impacts of tourism for the communities and natural environment in the destinations they operate in.

Staff awareness being at the core of Happy Trails’ decision to join BWP: “we believe that education and awareness training for all staff will take it a step further into Balinese communities” said Caroline Deiman, the company’s Product Development Manager. Indeed, their priority was for IDEP to provide information about the water issue in Bali, but also what solution IDEP is providing and that their employer is contributing to.

Caroline Deiman and Julien Goalabré.

One of the core messages that we shared to their staff was without doubt the fact that without water, their job might be in danger and their livelihood strongly impacted by a decrease in the water quality and quantity. Indeed, tourism being a lung of Bali’s economy, the industry would suffer heavily from water shortages and the economy become unstable. This danger often underestimated by tourism professionals as water scarcity is often perceived as a long-term threat, but Happy Trails understand it very well and wanted to become a problem solver.

Great attention from Happy Trails! staff

Our new partner has a strong commitment to being a positive actor in preserving Bali’s most valuable resource and they were looking forward to build a recharge well in their office’s land. Sadly, Sanur, where their office is located, is facing major saltwater intrusion into the water tables so the location was not a valid option but the company’s management decided to contribute directly to BWP, thus offsetting their water usage through our program.

All Bali is impacted at different levels

Businesses’ involvement is critical for BWP, but our efforts to replenish Bali’s water tables can only succeed if every individual adopts water savings practices. That is why we also shared with the staff simple tips to save water at home and help the tremendous effort needed to save Bali’s freshwater.

Saving Bali’s freshwater is everyone’s responsibility and Happy Trails has taken a strong decision in sponsoring the Bali Water Protection program.

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