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Ni Wayan Asih: “Being Able to Work Again is the Priority”

“Thank you for the package. We feel extremely grateful as you have eased our burden,” said I Wayan Saputra, who was accompanied by his wife Ni Wayan Asih. This husband and wife, who have married for four years, are residents of Tengkulak Kaja hamlet, Kemenuh village, where IDEP distributed Family Bucket aid packages on May 23-24, 2020. They are one of 270 beneficiaries of the package that estimated to meet the needs of each family for 2-4 weeks.

From left to right, Ni Wayan Asih and I Wayan Saputra (Photo: Edward Angimoy)

Since the pandemic has closed the Balinese tourism industry since March, I Wayan Saputra lost his job at a villa in the Ubud area. Although the villa management promised to call him to return when the villa was later opened, he claimed to be doubtful because he did not know when the pandemic would end. As the backbone of the family, loss of work brings suffer for a small family that has a 1.5-year-old daughter.

To survive, I Wayan Saputra had no choice but to work as a farm laborer in a rice field area, while Ni Wayan Asih crafts and then sell some religious ceremonial supplies. Practically, the small family only relies on daily income from Ni Wayan Asih because I Wayan Saputra’s wages is paid after 4 months of work. “One day’s income is only enough to meet one day’s needs of food,” said Ni Wayan Asih. In fact, in addition to their daily needs, they also have to pay off debts in credit institutions.

“Hopefully this difficult situation will pass quickly so we can return to normal, leave the house freely, and can do religious ceremonies, “said I Wayan Saputra when asked about his hopes. “Being able to work again is the priority. We need to generate more income to pay for our needs, “said Ni Wayan Asih, putting a stressing line to her husband’s hopes. (Ed)