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People with Disabilities in Bungaya Village Receive Door-to-Door COVID-19 Booster Vaccination

Lately, the trend of COVID-19 has been sluggish. However, vigilance and anticipation of this virus must still be a shared priority because the ability to mutate this virus is still a severe threat—spokesperson for the Indonesian Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) Dr. Mohammad Syahril, on 17 April 2023, said the Arcturus or Omicron XBB 1.16 subvariant increased to 5 additional cases, bringing the total to 7 instances.

To support the anticipation of the spread of COVID-19 and increase inclusive vaccination coverage, especially in remote areas, the Australia Indonesia Partnership Program for Health Resilience (AIHSP) through Save the Children Indonesia and the IDEP Foundation in collaboration with the Bebandem Health Center held a particular door to door vaccinations for people with disabilities in Bungaya Village, Kec. Bandem, Kab. Karangasem on 28 April 2023, 09.00-12.00 WITA.

A total of 18 people have been registered as beneficiaries of the COVID-19 vaccine. They came from seven different banjar: Papung, Lebah Sari, Beji, Desa, Subagan, Timbul, and Darmakarya. This vaccination targets dose 4 (second booster) and is managed by the Karangasem Health Office (six health workers and two admins) and the local Kelian Banjar Dinas.

When they went to the field, the vaccination team administered vaccination doses to 15 people, and the remaining three refused to be vaccinated. One of the reasons for refusal is the sudden fear experienced by persons with mental disabilities. After the vaccine team, Kelian Banjar, and the family persuaded him, the prospective vaccination recipients still refused.

The condition of I Wayan Juliarta (42) when he received the COVID-19 vaccination at his home

At the Banjar Dinas Timbul, I Wayan Juliarta (42) was at his house that afternoon when he was met at 09.30 WITA. Putu Sumiati, his sister-in-law, revealed that Juliarta has a speech impairment. However, in his daily activities, he can also help his family buy household needs at the nearest shop. The good news is that Juliarta did not refuse when the COVID-19 vaccination team came to his house. There didn’t seem to be any fear. Support from the family to get vaccinated continues to be carried out, considering that all family members have received vaccinations up to the 2nd booster.

After being persuaded many times by his family, Nengah Kari Runing (82) agreed to receive the COVID-19 vaccination

In Banjar Dinas Subagan, an elderly named Nengah Kari Runing (82) refused vaccination. The family had appealed three times before she finally accepted it. Currently, the woman is still working with the help of her children at home.

The door-to-door COVID-19 vaccination activities ran smoothly despite being hampered by heavy rain. At noon, the health workers started packing and preparing to return to the public health center.

Article: Nicolaus Sulistyo & Ninda Askarawati

Photo: Ninda Askarawati © IDEP Foundation