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Piodalan – Spiritually Grow: IDEP 1st Anniversary in New Office and Training Center


Mesmerising are the sounds of chopping and joyous laughter, so ‘very Balinese’.

A tradition that represents togetherness: making lawar – cooking and share morning coffee together – IDEP is celebrating, a spiritual, 1st anniversary of the journey into our new office and gardens.

Piodalan, translated as a temple celebration held on the anniversary of a temple’s consecration, is a semester religious ceremony of offerings and prayer honouring temples that stand within the property. An inclusive union, IDEP staff substitute their daily work tasks into ngayah – voluntarily work to prepare for the ceremony – preparing the dishes together is a main activity for everybody.

This symbolic ceremony marks the first year of IDEPs new office and training center – with all of the blessed fertile soil, slowly but surely our endless, positive energy working to ‘help people, help themselves’ has transformed the new site into a lush and vibrant permaculture heaven.

Grateful for all of the blessings, IDEP crew held their special ceremony to give thanks to the almighty, spiritual protectors of the property – with natural offerings of fruits, smoked-grill chicken, local pulses and rice snacks, and feasting on dishes prepared earlier.

As a local Bali organization, we have to understand and practice Tri Hita Karana, maintaining harmonious relationships between worlds:  Creator – Human – Nature.

Visit us at IDEP Office and Demosite to learn or share knowledge about permaculture, sustainable living, water protection, and disaster risk reduction – check on our monthly training and workshop schedule to expand your knowledge about “inclusive nature conservation”.