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Sustainable travel with Buffalo Tours, new BWP partner

2017 is the year of International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development and IDEP is proud to be working with change-makers in Bali’s tourism industry. We are thrilled to publicly announce our newest corporate partnership with a leading travel company in Asia, Buffalo Tours.

The inclusion of Bali Water Protection (BWP) program as part of Buffalo Tours’ corporate social responsibility demonstrates genuine leadership in sustainable tourism, This example will encourage other business operators to follow suit, particularly where help is most needed, including strong advocacy for water protection by the tourism industry and funding to continue the campaign.

When Buffalo Tours reached out to the Bali Water Protection (BWP) program, we felt an instant mutual connection around the need to protect Bali’s water. Buffalo Tours are acutely aware of the water crisis in Bali and have a strong desire to work with for-purpose organisations to preserve Bali’s beauty and magic for future generations.

Matteo Bierschneider, from Buffalo Tours understands of the challenges of the province: “One of the biggest problems is lack of water. Bali is facing a water crisis and soon there won’t be enough water anymore”.

L-R Matteo Bierschneider (Educational & Responsible Travel Manager, Buffalo Tours), Ibu Yosephine Avi Rembulan (Resource Development Coordinator, IDEP) and Pak Ade Andreawan (Executive Director, IDEP) discuss the partnership at IDEP demonstration site in Kemenuh.

IDEP is excited to be partnering with Buffalo Tours on this initiative. Through our association we can better promote multiple solutions proposed in the BWP program including rain-fed recharge wells and their ability to replenish rapidly depleting fresh-water aquifers, and IDEP’s awareness-raising efforts including an education curriculum for schools and our large-scale media campaign. BWP has the potential to save Bali from facing future water shortages and water quality degradation.

While critical funding is welcome to support the success of BWP, IDEP is particularly grateful for the  advocacy Buffalo Tours has shown within the business community. Over 100 emails have been sent to accommodation partners, with an invitation to join in sponsoring BWP to help save Bali’s freshwater.

It takes tremendous courage to recognise where we have a role to play in providing leadership on an issue and in motivating others to do so too. “Our aim to inspire our partners to share that mission. We acknowledge that we are part of the problem but by taking responsibility now, we want to become part of the solution”, said Mr Bierschneider, in Buffalo Tours’ call to action. Responsible action sets businesses apart in the eyes of customers, who have plenty of options when choosing who they will travel with. More and more tourists now choose to travel responsibly and seek out providers who have a positive impact on the people and places they benefit from.

A great advocate of educational and responsible travel all over Asia, Buffalo Tours partnership with IDEP in the future could extend to offering sustainability education through tourism, such as international student excursions on Bali. Already, they are raising awareness of BWP’s message that “Water is Everyone’s Responsibility” by getting around Bali in these awesome newly badged cars bearing educational messages and IDEP’s logo. Thanks Buffalo Tours for stepping into leadership in this bold and courageous way.

If you’re out and about and you see one of these cool cars, make sure you take a selfie with it and post it on our Facebook or instagram using #savebaliwater #bwp #watercrisis #waterislife.
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