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IDEP Foundation | Helping People to Help Themselves - Aid Distribution

  • Aid Packages for Evacuees in Wooden Huts

    On 19-21 April, we partnered with local NGO Barakat to distribute aid packages for 123 families who were impacted by flash floods in Lembata, East Nusa Tenggara. The families are those who have to stay in shelters after the Seroja Cyclone caused flash floods that swept out their houses.

  • Aid Packages for Flash Flood-affected Families in Adonara

    On April 24, 2021, IDEP partnered with local NGO YPPS to distribute basic needs packages to 32 displaced families affected by flash floods in Nelelamawangi village, Adonara, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). The flash flood occurred after Tropical Cyclone Seroja first hit and triggered heavy rains in most areas of NTT in early April. Adonara was one of the hardest affected, with 32 people dead.

  • Amid limitations, Hope for the Twins Remains

    Recently, two children of the couple, Nyoman Noviani and Kadek Astawa experienced seizures. That is one sign that their children have epilepsy. They had long been aware of the illness of these two children. The reason is that since the age of eight months, Nyoman Noviani and her husband have been informed that their two children have seizures. This disease is part of Tika and Tiwi's medical history, namely Cerebral Palsy (CP).

  • Anticipating the Spike in Covid-19 Cases, IDEP and Save the Children Distribute Medical Devices

    When the spike in COVID-19 cases rose in July-August 2021, Bali was one of the provinces with the highest number. Some health facilities have difficulty meeting the needs of medical equipment, both for handling patients and protecting health workers. One example is the need for oxygen. Due to the scarce supply, the need for oxygen was rationed for each health facility. Often, the oxygen rations cannot meet the patient's needs, which continue to grow every day.

  • By Receiving Health Equipment Assistance, Bumi Sehat Continues to Provide the Best Health Service

    The crisis of health equipment often occurs when the number of COVID-19 patients increases. This problem is also experienced by Bumi Sehat Clinic, which has been operated since 2005. "Indeed, we have faced many obstacles and challenges at the clinic, especially since we are also a non-profit," said Erna Lidya, Assistant Public Relations (PR) and Media Team from the Bumi Sehat Foundation.

  • Multipurpose Aid to Support Community in Adapting during a Pandemic

    The poverty rate in Indonesia has increased since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. According to data from the Indonesian Central Statistics Agency (BPS), from September 2019 to March 2021, it reached 27.54 million people. Almost all sectors have received the impact of this pandemic, so it is not uncommon for people's financial conditions to decline—especially single parents who have to fulfill their families' needs. But bear the burden of their own because of being abandoned by their families due to COVID-19. Ni Nyoman Yuniati bears this burden after her husband past away in mid-2021.


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