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  • Aid Packages for Evacuees in Wooden Huts

    On 19-21 April, we partnered with local NGO Barakat to distribute aid packages for 123 families who were impacted by flash floods in Lembata, East Nusa Tenggara. The families are those who have to stay in shelters after the Seroja Cyclone caused flash floods that swept out their houses.

  • Aid Packages for Flash Flood-affected Families in Adonara

    On April 24, 2021, IDEP partnered with local NGO YPPS to distribute basic needs packages to 32 displaced families affected by flash floods in Nelelamawangi village, Adonara, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). The flash flood occurred after Tropical Cyclone Seroja first hit and triggered heavy rains in most areas of NTT in early April. Adonara was one of the hardest affected, with 32 people dead.

  • Community Role in Tackling Water Crisis in Bali

    Groundwater protection movement in Bali more increase after some community makes an association called Pasraman Air. There are local and national communities involved in this association. Including IDEP as Bali Water Protection (BWP) that contributes to planning and organizing. Pasraman Air: Aji Toya held on April 26 till May 2, 2021.

  • Despite The Pandemic, Education on Water Preservation Continues

    Despite the COVID-19 pandemic impacts on most sectors, including on the Bali Water Protection (BWP) programs. We must continue our efforts of education and outreach to schools for the movement.

  • Disaster Reduction: Start Early, From The Smallest Scope

    Stand in the “Ring of Fire” makes Indonesia frequently struck by earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. Ring of Fire is an arc of volcanoes and fault lines in the Pacific Basin. Besides those disasters, Indonesia also susceptible to disasters like flash floods, landslides, forest fires, and so on. Some of those disasters are caused by nature or humans.

  • Discussion to Overcome Groundwater Crisis in Bali

    Community participation is significant to overcome the Bali Watercrisis, so the Bali Water Protection (BWP) held a meeting with stakeholders on Monday, June 28, 2021. The activity which took place at the Taman Baca Kesiman aimed to provide opportunities for community engagement with and contribution to the water crisis management program.

  • Earthquake Karangasem: Emergency Response and Recovery Efforts

    An earthquake with 4.8 magnitudes destroyed East Bali at 04.18 WITA. The earthquake's epicenter occurred on land, specifically Northwest of Karangasem, which had the most severe impact in Ban Village. Furthermore, three villages in Bangli were isolated due to the earthquake and landslide, namely Trunyan, Abangsongan, and Batudinding Villages.

  • Eduforest Study Camping for Youth: Learning to Preserve and Protect West Bali Forest from Hutan Belajar

    To raise awareness on forest preservation and protection, IDEP invited youth groups in Yehembang Kauh village to learn about local biodiversity and the ecosystem in Bali West Forest on May 17-19, 2021. As members of the local community that lives in the buffer zone, understanding the importance of forest role upholds a prominent role particularly for forest protection and preservation. The learning session was held in Hutan Belajar (Edu-forest), a dedicated area of the forest for educational purposes. The Hutan Belajar itself was inaugurated in March 2021.

  • Family Resilience Through Small Family Enterprise

    Earthquakes, liquefaction, and landslides that happened in Central Sulawesi make a lot of damage to infrastructure and fatalities. Emergency response is not enough. Post-disaster condition is also important because it impacts to community existence, such as social, economic, ecological, and psychology. Therefore, recovery and rehabilitation efforts in post-disaster are really important.

  • First Aid to Our Resilience


    Community resilience effort is really important, in terms of physiology, social, economy, as well as ecology. Same with anticipation of disasters itself. So in March 2021, IDEP Foundation and Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) were trying to develop the capacity of strengthening Disaster Management Community Groups (KMPB) in Central Sulawesi. This preparedness effort was implemented by giving some training about the technique of first aid and victim evacuation.


  • Gardens of Hope: From the South Coast Karst Hills of Yogyakarta to the Eastern Edge Villages of Java

    At the end of 2019, IDEP team members visited groups of tobacco farmers in two regencies, Jember Regency in East Java and Gunungkidul Regency on the southern coast of the Special Region of Yogyakarta. In these two regions, there are two tobacco villages through which we passed through, and by 2020, there were three villages we visited.

  • How Tianyar Farmers Have Become Adaptive in a Barren Place

    Hot and dusty weather was felt when we arrived in Tianyar Village, Karangasem, on June 22 2021.  Despite the barren land, the lack of water and the sun's scorching heat, amazingly, this village has been able to implement permaculture systems. These problems are  precisely the reason why they have implemented permaculture and now that they are slowly being solved, the village is even able to increase community income.

  • Hutan Belajar: Being Harmonious Through Education and Conservation


    Begins with concern over the land-use change in West Bali Forest, IDEP Foundation and Basebali created the Hutan Belajar program to save the forest through conservation and education. After more than nine years, both local organizations were fighting for forest conservation in the West of Bali. It started from the Hutan Sekolah program which had a positive response from the local community, then continued in a bigger program called Hutan Belajar.


  • IDEP Relief Post Provides Support to Traders after Fire at Blahbatuh Market

    Blahbatuh Traditional Market in Gianyar, once bustling with activity, has now come to a complete stop: the fire that occurred on Tuesday, June 15, 2021, burned the market and all its contents to the ground. With their stalls – their livelihoods – suddenly vanished, hundreds of traders are left wondering how they will survive. Officers are still looking for the original source of the fire.

  • IDEP Shares Experiences in Conducting Activities at School with green-books.org

    As one of IDEP's efforts to support and increase knowledge related to sustainable development through an educational approach, IDEP conducted a sharing session with the Yayasan Green-Books Indonesia. In line with IDEP, which uses a permaculture approach into the curriculum for students through Learnscapes, Green-Books Indonesia distributes books related to teaching materials for environmental conservation.

  • IDEP Webinar: Platform for Various Parties in Responding to the COVID-19

    Handling COVID-19 in Bali needs the involvement of all parties, from broader stakeholders to individual community members. As the economic situation in Bali continues to decline due to the collapse of tourism, strengthening community connections is more important than ever in responding to the pandemic, including the expat community who has lived here in Bali for a number of years. Therefore, on August 7, 2021, IDEP held a webinar to provide space for the expats community to respond to the handling of COVID-19 in Bali.

  • Improving Farmers Resilience in Pedawa

    Since 2016, IDEP has been supporting farmers in Bali to be resilient through training and assisting them in producing their organic seeds independently. One area of the program is by collaborating with farmers in Pedawa, Buleleng. The vegetable seeds which they produce are long beans, eggplant, basil, belayan, chickpeas, and pumpkin. Those plants which grow through organic heirloom seeds were local plants that adaptable to the local climate and soil conditions.

  • Landslides, Flash Floods, and Volcano Eruptions Disasters: East Flores Communities Need Your Help

    Tropical Cyclone caused rainstorms in several places of Indonesia and severely hit East Nusa Tenggara Province. This phenomenon becomes more serious after flash flooding and landslides happened in Lembata and Adonara islands. Experts claim those disasters occur due to deforestation. This activity weakens the soil holding capacity and is exacerbated by increasing the intensity of rain. This deforestation activity is carried out by parties outside the village; however, its impact is felt directly by local communities.

  • Launching of balipartnership.org: Tools For Supporting Data Based Waste Management in Bali

    On Tuesday, June 8, 2021, IDEP attended the invitation to launch balipartnership.org organized by the Postgraduate Program of Udayana University. The activity was held offline at the Udayana University Auditorium with a limited capacity. balipartnership.org is a website that has a tool for disseminating data related to waste distribution in Bali including stakeholders who play a role in the issue of waste problems on the island of Bali.

  • Learning Permaculture: To Improve IDEP Staff Capacity

    To improve staff capacity, IDEP held Permaculture Design Course (PDC) for nine days from May 24 - June 1, 2021. This training held in the IDEP office and involved 14 staff who consistently comply with Covid-19 health protocols.


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