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Phase 4, Family Buckets has Reached 210 Families in North Lombok

Pengembuk hamlet was the destination of Phase 4 of Family Bucket distribution we ran on September 20. In the hamlet located in remote areas in North Lombok, IDEP distributed Family Buckets and other relief packages (food supplies and shelter equipment) for 210 families (840 people). Since the Emergency Response phase for Lombok Earthquake was revoked on August 25, they have never been received support anymore.

Smiling woman with her Family Bucket (Photo: Anom Pascima)

Most of the houses in this hamlet collapsed by the 7-magnitude earthquake on August 5, 2018. Since then, they have no option but to live in evacuation tents built around their collapsed houses.

A man was trying to find out what is in Family Bucket in front of collapsed houses (Photo: Anom Pascima)

On prior phases, IDEP have distributed Family Buckets to 1,500 families (6,000 people) spread over 10 evacuation camps in North Lombok. During the time, beside distributing buckets, IDEP also partnered with Yayasan Pulih and Bumi Sehat Foundation to conduct psychological assistances and mobile clinic services.

A package of food as part of Family Bucket aid package (Photo: Anom Pascima)

Thank you to donors, supporters and all the parties who have helped to make this distribution possible. Visit IDEP on Facebook Page for more stories and photos. (Ed)