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IDEP Foundation Conducted A Workshop on The Formation of Disaster Management Community Groups and Training on Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction that is Adaptive to Climate Change in Banyubiru Village, Jembrana, Bali

High wave issues and abrasions over the last 20 years in Pebuahan, Banyubiru Village, Jembrana have resulted in the community losing their home and livelihood access. Several initiatives have been undertaken to address this issue, including strengthening community mitigation.

Through the DREAMS Project, IDEP Foundation provided an educational program about disaster mitigation for the community through Workshop on Formation of Disaster Management Community Groups and Training on Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction that is Adaptive to Climate Change. This event, supported by Give2Asia, was held from March 16 to 21 2024, at the Banyubiru Village Perbekel Office, Jembrana.

This training was attended by 34 participants, including residents of Banjar Banyubiru, Air Anakan, Berawan Salak, and representatives from several institutions for instance, Territorial Defence Management, Community Police Officer, and Civil Service Police Unit. Furthermore, this training also involves speakers from several institutions in Jembrana Regency, including Meteorogical, Climatological, and Geophysical Agency; Regional Board for Disaster Management, Indonesian Red Cross; Social Services; and Search and Rescue National Agency.

Putu Suryawan, Program Coordinator of IDEP Foundation, explained that the background for this event was the need to establish a volunteer group for disaster work in Banyubiru Village, which is vulnerable to disaster threats. This training can provide knowledge for Banyubiru Village to become a resilient and adaptable community.

During the 5-days training, the participants acquired the knowledge and abilities necessary to effectively and adaptively manage disaster risk. Along with the theory, the participants had the opportunity to practice the technique to provide first aid and evacuation. (Photo: Lutfia Nurul/IDEP)

Moreover, IDEP Foundation facilitated the community to form Disaster Management Community Group structure in Banyubiru Village. This group serves as the activator volunteer at the village level if disaster happens in the future. In addition, this group is also in charge of information dissemination and conducting disaster prevention activities. 

“I am very appreciative that IDEP Foundation provides education for us about disasters. The community didn’t know the details about disasters and how to deal with them, now we understand about them.” said I Gede Riska Ananta, a participant in this program.

In the future, the DREAMS Project activity in Banyubiru Village will be continued by holding livelihood workshops for four groups, including cattle producers, pig farmers, mushroom growers, fishers, and farmers. The group distribution is based on community needs and local potential.

Article: Lutfia Nurul © IDEP Foundation