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Sanitation Package Distribution in Eight Traditional Markets

Sanitation Package Distribution in Eight Traditional Markets

Over the past two weeks, starting from 27 May to 9 June, we have distributed sanitation packages in eight traditional markets in the Sukawati sub-district, Bali. This is part of our campaign to contain the spread of COVID-19 through clean and healthy behavior practices. The markets are Sukawati (Sukawati village), Pudak (Batubulan village), Negari (Central Singapadu village), Kebon (Singapadu village), Silakarang (Singapadu Kaler village), Dharma (Batubulan village), Timbul (Ketewel village), Bulan (Batubulan village).

At Silakarang market, our team helps an elder woman to put on the mask as they are one of the high-risk groups with a high fatality rate (Photo: Edward Angimoy)

All the markets are considered as high-risk spots as they are all crowded. In every market, the number of sellers alone is varied from 20 to 900s people every day. The restriction of market opening hours, as part of the COVID-19 protocol conducted by the government since last March, has made this market increasingly crowded.

At the entrance of Pudak market, our team carry out the handwashing protocols by spraying hand sanitizer to every visitor (Photo: Wira Utama)

To sellers and buyers, we distributed masks, vitamins, and some educational media related to clean-healthy behavior and COVID-19. As for the market management, we donated hand sanitizers, thermometer, mask, and disinfectant liquid complete with the sprayers. It is to support them in carrying out market sanitation activities regularly to ensure that the market remains a clean and healthy place.

Along with the hand-spraying, our team also carry out the distribution to every visitor at the entrance of Negari market,(Photo: Dewie Anggraini)
Our team are distributing a package of cloth mask, vitamins, and educational media in Kebon market (Photo: Hario Bagusatma)
A seller in Sukawati market is captured while she is reading a package of educational media that we distribute (Photo: Muchammad Awal)
Our team are testing all the sellers' temperature in Dharma market (Photo: Wira Utama)
A visitor in Timbul market clean his hand with the handwashing station we provided with the support from Terra Water Indonesia (Photo: Wira Utama)

Thanks to medico international, The Ashmore Foundation, AVITerra Water Indonesia, and all the individual donors who have supported this effort to happen. Visit IDEP on Facebook Page for more stories and photos. (Ed)