IDEP Foundation

Waste Management

With the drastic increase of foreign tourists who visit Bali annually and the rapid growth of the local population due to vast development.

The Bali administration is currently facing a very tough job managing its mountains of garbage – both industrial and domestic.

To increase community awareness about the enormous waste management problems being faced in Bali, and to encourage community participation in helping to reduce the problem at the community and household level, IDEP Foundation has developed small-scale waste management pilot programs through:

Public Awareness Media Campaigns Development of culturally appropriate campaigning materials distributed through NGOs in Bali and Indonesia:

Public awareness billboards
Posters and handouts about waste management
Silk screened cloth bags with slogans
Waste separation bin signs
Information for making recycled paper
IDEP Foundation Environment Information Campaign media includes:

Posters about environmental impacts of chemical agriculture
Posters about farmer’s issues
Posters about deforestation
Tourism-oriented environment posters
Waste Management Education in Bali Schools

Waste Management Education in Bali’s local communities