IDEP Foundation

How IDEP Began

In 1998, Indonesia entered a phase of severe financial and social crisis. In response, a diverse group of people from Bali got together to discuss how they could best help.

The group discussed the growing challenges being faced by Indonesian communities and conducted an evaluation of existing natural and human resources nationwide. They decided to focus attention on facilitating NGO program’s in as many areas of Indonesia as possible through the ‘Training of Trainers’ in Permaculture Design. This training offered organizations the understanding and tools to assist their local communities to provide food, shelter, energy and other needs in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

This Training is the forerunner of the IDEP establishment in 1999, the organization’s focus on the implementation of permaculture as an alternative solution to the financial crisis. Over time, IDEP foundation try to provide assistance to communities related to permaculture and sustainable living that helping communities in establishing their independence.

In 2002, Bali suffered the human tragedy that is better known as the Bali Bombings in which events make IDEP as an organization realize the importance of disaster preparedness for the community. Learning from the situations that occur, IDEP develop handbook for community-based disaster management as a starting point the birth of disaster management programs and disaster risk reduction to date.

Organizational dynamics that occur make IDEP as local organizations to learn and explore more sustainable living either related to permaculture or disaster risk reduction, which to this day remains IDEP focuses on both issue with innovations that build sustainability, transparency and accountability of the organization.