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270 Families in Kemenuh Village Received Family Buckets

On 23-24 May, we distributed Family Bucket aid packages to 270 families in Kemenuh Village, Gianyar, Bali. Based on the local village government data, they are the families who are living in poverty and have lost their daily income following the shut down of the Bali tourism industry since March.

An elder woman in Kemenuh Kangin hamlet is trying to find out what is in the bucket for her family (Photo: Edward Angimoy)

Each family receives a bucket consists of an estimated two to four weeks basic needs such as fresh food and drinks, medicines, sanitary materials, Bebidol gardening kit (baskets, organic seeds, dolomites), and educational media related to clean-healthy behavior and COVID-19.

As it is a new form of aid they received, a man in Kemenuh village government office is also trying to find out what is in the bucket by reading the bucket list (Photo: Wira Utama)

We are working with the local COVID-19 Task Force and government in the village to make sure that the distribution was carried out under the COVID-19 protocol. One way is to spread the distribution process at several points over two days so that physical distancing can be easier to implement.

Protocols of COVID-19 are also implemented in every distribution locations to prevent the virus spread (Photo: Edward Angimoy)

Thanks to medico international, The Ashmore Foundation, AVI, Raoul Bianchi, Steve Palmer, Rachel Holtman, and a number of individual donors who have supported this distribution. Visit IDEP on Facebook Page for more stories and photos. (Ed)