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A Major Step In Recharge Well Education – Bali Water Crisis Solution

Gianyar (27 Feb, 2017) – Bali Water Protection (BWP) aquifer recharge demonstration system at IDEP Foundation has been officially inaugurated to focus on the solution of Bali’s water crisis – showing how groundwater restoration works.


Invited media and sponsors gathered under a blue sky at IDEP HQ in Kemenuh, Gianyar to witness the science of simple water technology and to replenishment of Bali’s depleted aquifers.

Aquifer recharge demonstration well at IDEP Foundation HQ in Kemenuh, Bali

BWP’s demonstration recharge well launch took media and guests on a tour of IDEP’s demo permaculture garden systems showing how water is critical for healthy crops production and food security for all. IDEP uses this permaculture site to teach local farmers how to grow chemical-free fruits and vegetables, and seed saving to join the organisation’s network of organic seed bank producers.

The guests then joined a presentation of the Bali Water Protection program led by IDEP’s Executive Director Ade Andreawan, who shared his concerned for the future of Bali’s freshwater in general and the importance of taking action:

“Many people comment on Facebook that they don’t have water, but they don’t do anything about it,” he said. “Facebook does not solve the problem and water is important for businesses, people, and plants. No water, no Bali.”

“No water, no Bali” – IDEP Executive Director, Ade Andreawan

Local business supporters of the Bali Water Protection program – Buffalo Tours, Waterbom Bali and Eco Mantra joined Fivelements in celebrating the birth of IDEP’s pilot recharge well and the opportunity to discuss the recharge well solution. All of them concluded that there should be more of these events for like-minded   business leaders to mingle and share their wish for a sustainable water management for and from Bali based businesses.

 “There are great solutions out there such as the recharge wells and we need to be more aware of it,” commented Gove DePuy, Director of Sustainability at Fivelements wellness resort, who generously funded the construction of the pilot recharge well.  “We need more people to talk about sustainable water use”

The fact that water has such a low value was also a concern for Alila’s  Hotels Group Director of Engineering and Sustainability Piet Van Zyl: “Water is too cheap, that’s a big problem. But we wait for the government to do something. But who is consuming water? It’s all of us and if we don’t do it personally, it doesn’t matter what the government does”.

IDEP water expert Gede Sughiarta: Journey of water from the sky to aquifer recharge

IDEP  watershed specialist Gede Sughiarta, gave a live explanation about how the demonstration recharge well works, explaining the journey of water from the sky to IDEP’s roof gutters, then directed into the recharge well after passing through a natural filter.

Illustrating the ‘rain water’ journey, Gove DePuy from Fivelements symbolically poured a bucket of water into the main well filter, with guests witnessing the water flowing into the aquifer recharge well.

Fivelements, Gove DePuy pours ‘inaugural’ water into aquifer recharge system

The latest addition to IDEP’s demosite headquarters, the pilot recharge well  supports the organisations work in educating the public and potential sponsors on what a recharge well actually is, helping to visualize research outcomes by BWP techical partner Politeknik Negeri Bali.

The road is still long to save Bali’s freshwater, but this day of celebration was definitely a stepping stone into a bright future for the Bali Water Protection program, and thanks to Fivelements and our other generous existing and future supporters – let’s ensure  freshwater resilience for the province of Bali!