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Aid Distribution for Families Affected by Maluku Earthquake

On 15 October, IDEP partnered with the Community Institute for Participation In Development (LPPM Maluku) to distribute food and infant needs to 261 families in Tenga-tenga village, Salahutu sub-district, Central Maluku. The families consist of approximately 1,044 people who were forced to live at the evacuation camps after their village was rocked by a major magnitude 6.5 earthquake on 26 September.

Smiling woman is receiving aid for her family (Photo: LPPM Maluku)

The strong main-shock followed by the intense aftershocks, which until 10 October had occurred 1,281 times, caused 37 houses in this village to be severely damaged, 128 moderately damaged, and 39 slightly damaged. Besides destroyed the houses, the earthquakes also left a trauma for them. That is why they choose to keep staying even in the very limited evacuation camps until today.

The situation at one of the evacuation tents. There could be more than one family in one limited tent (Photo: LPPM Maluku)

Let’s help IDEP to provide their daily needs through donations to Your help, how modest it is, will be very valuable to the families. These following photos are captured on the moment of aid distribution and their latest situation at the evacuation posts.

The distribution is delivered using the number of family databases collected on the field with the village government. By the system, every family will get their part (Photo: LPPM Maluku)
One family get a pack of rice for approximately two weeks of stock (Photo: LPPM Maluku)
The aid package consists of daily basic needs (Photo: LPPM Maluku)
IDEP and LPPM Maluku collaborate with village government to deliver the distribution (Photo: LPPM Maluku)
The situation at one of the evacuation posts (Photo: LPPM Maluku)
The situation at one of the evacuation posts (Photo: LPPM Maluku)

Thank you to donors, supporters and all the parties who have helped to make this distribution possible. Visit IDEP on Facebook Page for more stories and photos. (Ed)