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Amid limitations, Hope for the Twins Remains

Recently, two children of the couple, Nyoman Noviani and Kadek Astawa experienced seizures. That is one sign that their children have epilepsy. They had long been aware of the illness of these two children. The reason is that since the age of eight months, Nyoman Noviani and her husband have been informed that their two children have seizures. This disease is part of Tika and Tiwi’s medical history, namely Cerebral Palsy (CP).

Nyoman Noviani registers to receive support from the BaNTu program (Photo: Gusti Diah)

For about eight years, Tika and Tiwi struggled with their brain paralysis. Nyoman Noviani also realizes that uncertainty always haunts them. “Doctors don’t have the confidence to say this will heal as this is not an ordinary disease,” said the mother of the two twin sisters. She also added, “at least we tried, so we don’t regret it in the future.”

After doing therapy and regularly taking medication recommended by the doctor, the two twin sisters began to express, crawl, talk, and hold objects. This development means a lot to Nyoman Noviani and Kadek Astawa, for the thing they are most afraid of is when their two children cannot express their pain.

Nyoman Noviani takes care of her two daughters every day and doesn’t even dare to take on another job as she realizes that her child needs special attention. For that, Nyoman Noviani and Kadek Astawa share their roles. “As for now, I just rely on my husband who works in a motorcycle repair shop,” said Nyoman Noviani, the mother of three daughters.

Kadek Astawa, the father of Tika and Tiwi, is a freelancer in a motorcycle repair shop in Denpasar. If he doesn’t work for a day, his salary will be deducted. The income he earns for a month is not able to cover his monthly needs. It makes Astawa often take on debt. “I continue to manage the money from this salary. If not, I often owe. It always was because there was no other choice. So, like it or not, live just enough from the money you have,” Noviani replied with a soft laugh.

This small family has to spend more than one million rupiahs for twins’ treatment every month. Like it or not, they have to do this routine treatment because death can happen when the treatment for Tika and Tiwi is suddenly stopped. “If the medicine runs out in three days, my stomach acid can immediately rise because I think about how to get money to buy this medicine,” added Noviani, who was unconsciously shedding tears.

Although the expenses often exceed the ability of Nyoman Noviani and Kadek Astawa, they always get help from various parties. “As for the cost of going to the doctor, we have been given a discount. We also received assistance from the Humane Care Foundation (YPK), which provided wheelchairs, pampers, and milk. It was very helpful,” said Kadek Astawa with a smile.

The various help they received was always given to the needs of the twins. Even when someone asked the family’s needs, they immediately said milk and diapers, the essential needs for their two children.

Nyoman Noviani receives support from the BaNTu program (Photo: Gusti Diah)

Luckily, Tika and Tiwi were able to get multipurpose funding from a program held by Save The Children Indonesia in partnership with the IDEP Foundation. This aid program supported by the Government of Western Australia is intended to support families affected by COVID-19 in meeting children’s basic needs. These needs such as education, health, and other priority needs.

Kadek Astawa also felt significantly helped by the support they received, and he never stopped expressing gratitude. “This is their money (Tika and Tiwi). I will save it because later they will need it. This aid is for my children,” explained Kadek Astawa.

Every help they received made Nyoman Noviani and Kadek Astawa excited to give the best for Tika and Tiwi’s treatment. “I am very grateful, the children also know, they are very happy, even Tiwi advised me not to be sad anymore. I cried hearing that,” added Noviani. (Gd)