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Disaster Ready Trainings

As many people know, most islands of Indonesia are susceptible to earthquakes. Located on the collision point of the Indo-Australian and Eurasian tectonic plates, the archipelago is also known as “The ring of fire”, which does not refer to a particularly “hot curry dish”, but to the high level of tectonic activity that results in earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and could lead to tsunami, and be the cause of land slide and floods.

Bali is as vulnerable as other places in Indonesia when it comes to natural disasters, along with man-made disasters as terroristic bombings, social conflicts and diseases. On the other hand, the island’s popularity is growing tremendously among tourists, while very little preparation to disaster is done.

IDEP offers Disaster Management Training for communities, organizations and businesses, aiming to increasing the disaster management and emergency response capacity of local enterprises and communities, especially when it comes to tourist facilities.
Being prepared and able to deal with critical circumstances immediately after the disasters can save lives!

Among the other subjects, IDEP Disaster Ready Trainings include: risks analysis, participatory disaster risk mapping and emergency first aid.
The theory is integrated with evacuation and first aid simulation and, each training is adapted to the location, structure of the buildings and context.
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“We really enjoyed the Disaster Ready Training delivered by IDEP Team, it really got us thinking about our disaster response and it’s a great base for us to develop our strategies and first aid skills”.

Stephanie Fleming
PR Marketing manager at Luna2 Private Hotel Kerobokan Bali