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Discover “iwantmyname”, Pioneer sponsor of the Bali Water Protection program

What is the relationship between a New Zealand based hosting domain company and the Bali water crisis? At first glance, there wouldn’t be much that would link Internet, New Zealand, Bali and water crisis. Yet iwantmyname is led by a caring business owner who has implemented a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy to become a pioneer sponsor of the Bali Water Protection (BWP) program.

In 2014, iwantmyname organized their company’s summit in Bali to enjoy face-to-face interaction with team members scattered all around all over the world. During they stay, they heard about the water issue and IDEP’s work to implement a solution that would help to restore the damaged aquifer.

aul Spence (director) has been involved in Meteorology in the past so he could understand that despite being blessed with abundant rainfall, the island could be racing toward a water scarcity phenomenon.

As Paul Spence wrote in a recent blog note, “iwantmyname allocates a portion of every domain registration fee to a charitable fund. At the end of each financial year everyone in the company votes on which charities that we wish to support. For the last two years, since our 2014 Bali team summit, we have made substantial contributions to a Bali-based NGO called IDEP”.

We have welcomed Paul Spence in IDEP’ office during his last visit and it was a powerful moment to discuss with such a passionate and dedicated person, humbly helping a land far from New Zealand to progress toward better water management.

Pioneer’s sponsors receive an exclusive benefit in the form of a video including business leader’s interview. We did with Paul and will publish it very soon. Stay tuned!

IDEP Foundation is deeply grateful to receive the support from iwantmyname, an inspiration for many others. Thus, we invite business leaders based in Bali and beyond to for follow their footsteps to….save Bali’s freshwater!

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