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EXO Foundation, Empowering EXO Travel Bali staff for Water Protection

IDEP has had the pleasure to talk to EXO Travel Bali about the Bali Water Protection program to the staff of our new sponsor, EXO Travel Foundation. Their donation to our project coupled with staff empowerment about water savings measures is a positive step forward for the future of Bali’s freshwater.

Destination Management Companies (DMC) are the bridge between Bali and the millions of visitors coming to enjoy the island’s wonders every year. As a result, their help is critical to improve the sustainability of tourism in Bali. Fortunately, many tourism actors are now taking actions in such direction and follow the leadership of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in 2017, the International Year Of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

EXO Foundation made their commitment very strong and very clear through a feature of BWP on their website, and their contribution goes beyond the amazing financial contribution as demonstrated by Christine Jacquemin, Sustainability Coordinator for EXO Travel, and Director for EXO Foundation : “aware of the water crisis Bali is facing partly because of tourism high water consumption, we are encouraging EXO Travel Suppliers and Travelers to reduce their consumption”. First Destination Management Company based in Asia to receive Travelife accreditation, the sustainability commitment is a core focus of their development strategy.

We were fortunate to be invited by EXO Travel in Bali to present the challenges Bali’s freshwater is facing ,our recharge well solution, but most importantly in this particular case, what they can do at home to save water! Feedback from the staff was very important for us, and the words of Melinda Wibowo, EXO’s event manager were heart-warming: “the presentation was very eye-opening and I was feeling embarrassed that I am not doing any of the small steps you can do at home and shown on the video. Time to change! ”

Chloé Dumont, Sustainability coordinator at EXO Bali and at the origin of the invitation of IDEP to their office, is definitely a local leader for BWP despite being in Bali for only a few months. But sometimes, there is such an urgency that action cannot wait:  “IDEP proposes a really innovative solution to handle the water crisis and try to prevent an ecological disaster in Bali. It is good to be explained about the local situation and to be aware of our responsibilities as individuals, as inhabitants of Bali and as a tourism stakeholders’

All of us need to change our habits and EXO Travel’s action to join BWP sponsoring program is part of their care for Bali itself but also to the staff so that small actions coupled to BWP’s big plans meet each other in the common objective to save Bali’s freshwater.


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