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Family Bucket Aid Packages Delivered to 400 Families in Donggala

During 30 November to 5 December, IDEP partnered with YPAL Poso to distribute Family Bucket aid packages for families affected by the Sulawesi Disaster on 28 September. This time, 400 families (approximately 1,600 people) in three villages, including Kumbasa, Bale and Guntarano were the recipients. All the villages are located in remote areas of Donggala.

Smiling women were checking out what is in the bucket (Photo: Anom Pascima)

As far as concerned, the supply of aid is still very much needed because most of them are still living in evacuation camps to this day.

Carrying the buckets to families (Photo: Anom Pascima)

Besides the buckets, IDEP and YPAL also distribute solar panel lights to 50 families in Bale and Guntarano which do not have enough electricity when night falls.

Solar lamp to light the evacuation camp (Photo: Anom Pascima)

In addition, the team also provide psychological assistance to the children. Not only in the three villages, we also carried out the assistance in various forms of games in the neighbouring village, Wani.

Children were playing some games as psychological assistance for them (Photo: Anom Pascima)

Thank you to MedicoCaritas AustriaGive2Asia and Caritas Germany who have supported this Phase 3. And also thank you to all the parties who have made this relief efforts happened. Click here to keep supporting it. Visit IDEP on Facebook to see more updates from the field. (Ed)