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Learning and Sharing Along in Cianjur

Yayasan IDEP Selaras Alam (IDEP), in collaboration with KUN Humanity System (KUN+) and the Indonesian Family Planning Association (PKBI), organized a permaculture and earthquake-resistant house training from May 22-29, 2023, in Tunagan, Wangunjaya Village, Cugenang District, Cianjur, West Java. The training was conducted as part of the post-disaster recovery program following the earthquake that struck West Java at the end of 2022. This training is part of a comprehensive program aimed at equipping local residents with the necessary skills and basic knowledge to effectively undergo the recovery process.

Focusing on resilience, sustainability, and community empowerment, the collaboration between IDEP and KUN+ is expected to leave a lasting impact, enabling Cianjur to emerge stronger and more resilient than before. The training conducted from May 22-29, 2023, covered the topics of Introduction to Permaculture and Building Earthquake-Resistant Houses. The purpose of this training was to introduce the concepts and practices of permaculture and how to create earthquake-resistant houses, so that communities can become more resilient and self-reliant in the future.

Anesah (46) is one of the residents of Tunagan who participated in the Introduction to Permaculture training. Anesah expressed the practical benefits of the training, saying, “Normally, I spend my whole day in the garden. That’s why I joined here, to gain some experience.” Anesah then stated that the knowledge gained from this training will be doubly beneficial when applied to her own farm, including increasing income, and said, “If we consume it, like planting chili, then we won’t have to buy it. Right now, we’re planting spinach, so we can cook it ourselves.”

Anesah and other women observe how liquid compost is made

Meanwhile, in the Earthquake-Resistant House class, Hilman Mulyana (31), commonly known as Hilman, expressed the benefits of the training for rebuilding his collapsed house due to the earthquake. He said, “I participated in the training on installing footings and chicken feet for three days. I will personally apply the knowledge gained from this training to my own house.” Hilman, who had previously worked in construction in 2011, compared his experience with the knowledge gained from the training, stating, “That’s why I find this training beneficial for myself, sir.”

Hilman Mulyana posing in the middle of the Earthquake Safe House Technical Training

Both Anesah and Hilman intend to help disseminate and teach the knowledge they acquired from the training. Anesah said, “When we go back home, we will inform them about the training we had, and what should be done. For example, we need to plant seeds here, how to make seedlings.” She expressed her willingness to share knowledge. Hilman, on the other hand, expressed his intention to spread the knowledge from the training, saying, “I enjoy teaching. That’s why I want to apply it to the residents here.” Hilman concluded, “God willing, I will try the results of this training and provide examples to the community here. We can try it together with the community.”

Article: Hamzah

Photo: Bernando Halauwet © IDEP Foundation