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Muchamad Awal the New IDEP Executive Director

Through a democratic process on December 16, 2018, IDEP has elected Muhamad Awal as the new Executive Director. Awal, as he is often called, will lead IDEP for the next five years, 2019-2023. By the election, he will continue the organization’s mandate, which has been carried out by the former Executive Director, Ade Andreawan, for the past five years.

Muchamad Awal

As the organizational rules, the Executive Director’s mandate and term of office are valid for a five-year period. Therefore, at the end of each period, IDEP will always hold the election of an Executive Director. This year election was held in line with the meeting of the IDEP Strategic Plan 2019-2023, which took place on December 16-18 at Nusa Penida.

The election process itself was attended by 37 IDEP staff and partners. Not only those who have offices in Bali, as IDEP’s headquarter, field staff and partners from Nusa Penida, Talaud Islands (North Sulawesi), East Flores (East Nusa Tenggara) and North Halmahera (Maluku) also present to vote. Each person represents one vote.

All stages of the election were facilitated by Iskandar Leman and Desak Nyoman Suarti, as IDEP’s Board of Governoors, and Roberto Hutabarat as IDEP Supervisor.

Early on, in his short speech after being elected, Awal welcomed the trust that IDEP gave him with optimism. “IDEP has enormous potential to be able to more optimally helping people to help themselves. And for that reason, we need to strengthen internal organizations, expand networks and innovate. To get there, we need cooperation and mutual trust among all of us,” said Awal.

Ade Andreawan

All IDEP family wish a good work and good luck to Awal. With the new leadership with him, IDEP is expected to continue to grow and encourage a stronger positive impact for making resilient communities happen. IDEP also expresses it’s deepest gratitude for all of Ade Andreawan’s dedication and great achievements while leading IDEP in the past five years. Best of luck for both of you. (Ed)