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United in Responding to Extreme Weather Threat

One of the resident lifted a medium sized stone to help make a temporary embankment

Bali, July 11, 2023 – IDEP Foundation invites the entire community and related parties to join the Call for Solidarity Action for Pebuahan. This action aims to provide assistance and support to the residents of Banjar Pebuahan, Banyubiru Village, Jembrana, who are currently facing an emergency situation due to the threat of extreme weather, such as heavy rains, high waves, erosion, and potential tidal flooding that is continuously increasing.

In the report prepared, it was revealed that Banjar Pebuahan is facing a distressing emergency situation. Despite the disaster threats that have struck this area, this incident has not been recorded in the Current Disaster Incident Report in Bali. Furthermore, the rapid and proper disaster handling by the authorities has not been adequately implemented.

Since July 6, 2023, almost all districts and cities in Bali have been hit by extreme weather with both light and heavy rainfall. Pebuahan Banjar was not spared from the impact. For two days, heavy rains accompanied by strong winds and high waves peaked on the afternoon of July 7. This caused the collapse of the road that separates the residents’ homes from the beach, and two houses were swept away by the waves. The river flowing through the residential area also overflowed and inundated some of the houses.

The current condition of Pebuahan Coastal Lines

As a result of the high waves, around 59 local fishermen’s boats parked along the coast sank, went missing, or got damaged. This loss directly affected the livelihood of the residents and their families, the majority of whom are fishermen. Moreover, several pieces of equipment also suffered serious damage and were submerged, such as generators and lighting.

In response to this dire situation, Pebuahan residents sought refuge in the homes of other residents considered safer. Meanwhile, others who chose to stay put utilized their kitchens for daily activities. They also took the initiative to build tents as a precautionary measure against potential tidal floods and erosion. However, the assistance received so far has only been in the form of 5kg rice groceries from the Banyubiru Village Government.

IDEP Foundation also opens opportunities for anyone willing to support this action through donations. Donations can be channeled to the following account:

– Account Name: IDEP Foundation

– Account Number: 0195193655

– Bank: BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia)

– Branch: Ubud, Bali


IDEP along with residents and volunteers make temporary embankment

Additionally, IDEP Foundation is identifying the needs of the residents and planning other actions that can provide long-term solutions for the Pebuahan community. Assistance and participation from various parties are highly anticipated to aid the residents in facing the threat of extreme weather and post-disaster recovery.

The authorities, including the Jembrana Regency Government, have visited Banjar Pebuahan to directly assess the situation. However, there have been no significant emergency response measures so far. Therefore, the presence of all parties in this Solidarity Action will provide the much-needed support and attention for the residents of Pebuahan.

Fellow countrymen, let us unite in answering the Call for Solidarity Action for Pebuahan. Together, we can provide assistance, support, and hope to the residents of Pebuahan who are currently facing this emergency situation. Your donations and participation are meaningful for their recovery and well-being.

Article: Hamzah

Photo: Nicolaus Sulistyo © IDEP Foundation