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IDEP Foundation | Helping People to Help Themselves - COVID-19

  • Despite The Pandemic, Education on Water Preservation Continues

    Despite the COVID-19 pandemic impacts on most sectors, including on the Bali Water Protection (BWP) programs. We must continue our efforts of education and outreach to schools for the movement.

  • IDEP Webinar: Platform for Various Parties in Responding to the COVID-19

    Handling COVID-19 in Bali needs the involvement of all parties, from broader stakeholders to individual community members. As the economic situation in Bali continues to decline due to the collapse of tourism, strengthening community connections is more important than ever in responding to the pandemic, including the expat community who has lived here in Bali for a number of years. Therefore, on August 7, 2021, IDEP held a webinar to provide space for the expats community to respond to the handling of COVID-19 in Bali.

  • Mutual Cooperation Embedded in the COVID-19 Task Force in the Penglipuran Traditional Village

    For over two years, the world has faced an uncertain situation due to COVID-19. However, slowly community began to adapt and bounce back with all the innovations to survive. Communities in Indonesia made many efforts to deal with COVID-19, such as forming the COVID-19 Task Force.

  • Women Farmer Group Designing Economy Sustainability for Penglipuran Village

    For more than 20 years, the Government appointed Penglipuran Village as a tourism village. Annually, this village in Bangli District offers innovations that increase tourists' interest. One of them is loloh cemcem, which is already known as the local product of Penglipuran. Marketing efforts made by the community make this product famous in the world of the efficacy and taste of loloh cemcem. They pack and label it. Demand from tourists and other communities is also increasing.


IDEP Foundation | Helping People to Help Themselves

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