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1,000 Families in Sigi and Donggala Received Family Bucket

On 13-17 November, IDEP in partnership with Yayasan Panorama Alam Lestari (YPAL) Poso continued to support the evacuees affected by 7.4-magnitude earthquake that shockingly rocked Palu, Donggala and Sigi in Central Sulawesi on 28 September. This time, IDEP and YPAL distributed Family Bucket aid package to 1,000 families (4,000 people) who are forced to temporarily living in evacuation camps in three remote villages, including Bangga, Amal and Saloya.

Mother and son were carrying their Family Bucket to camp (Photo: Anom Pascima)

Bangga is located in Sigi district, while Amal and Saloya are both in Donggala district. Other than Palu city, Sigi and Donggala are also suffered severe damaged by earthquake, tsunami and liquefaction.

Evacuation camps in Bangga village (Photo: Anom Pascima)

The distribution is part of Emergency Response ran by IDEP and YPAL since the earthquake. It focuses on distributing basic needs for the families during their uncertain displacement period in evacuation camps. All the basic needs are packed in Family Bucket contains of healthy foods, sanitary products, medicine, shelter kits, cutlery and disaster-related educational media. For years, IDEP uses this effective aid package model in other disaster-affected areas all over Indonesia.

A Family Bucket was received by a mother and her two daughters in their evacuation camp (Photo: Anom Pascima)

The three villages were the locations of Phase 2 distribution. Two weeks earlier, IDEP and YPAL had also conducted the Phase 1 in Bulubete village, Sigi. As the villages are remotely located with difficult road access, it is hard to reach out the evacuees live herein. It explains why there were no suffice help got in and received by them.

Evacuation camps in Saloya village (Photo: Anom Pascima)

While the distribution was running, IDEP and YPAL also invited children in each village to join the psychological assistance and education activities on how to dealing with disaster. The activities were designed in a number of games to be more attractive.

Children were playing some educational games (Photo: Anom Pascima)

Thank you to Caritas AustriaMedico and Caritas Germany who have supported this Phase 2. And also thank you to all the parties who have made this relief efforts happened. Click here to keep supporting it. Visit IDEP on Facebook to see more updates from the field. (Ed)