IDEP Foundation

Benih Bali

BENIH BALI is dedicated to achieving organic, open-pollinated (OOP) seed self-sufficiency in Bali, working through collaborative programs of local seed conservation, adaptation and innovation.

To celebrate World Food Day, on Oct 16th we launched our collaborative local initiative, BENIH BALI. The idea of Benih Bali came up when Dr. Vandana Shiva visited Indonesia. We acknowledge the importance of seeds preservation which is why IDEP Foundation and Slow Food Bali are working together through BENIH BALI to ensure the local seeds preservation, as well as giving training and empowering local farmers.

Built through a close network of better skilled Balinese farmers, and supporting professional and non-profit organizations, BENIH BALI seeks to improve and maintain a healthy, safe food-seed supply in Bali, thus contributing to food security and the conservation of Bali’s rich food heritage.

If you are interested on Benih Bali, Please visit Benih Bali website.
We really appreciate any kind of support and are looking forward to your participation on our upcoming events with BENIH BALI.