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Bali Hotels Association Annual Gathering

Bali Hotels Association Annual Gathering

The atmosphere at IDEP office last Saturday the 15th of September was really lively because of the arrival of the BHA (Bali Hotels Association) annual gathering scholars.

The purpose of the event was to involve the young scholarship beneficiaries in different activities related to the impact of tourism in Bali, and learn together how to contribute positively to create eco-friendly tourism on the island.

Together with IDEP staff, and some representatives of Banjar Dauh Uma, the students started the day with plastic waste collection along the Banjar Dauh Uma. Well equipped with gloves and hat, the participant enjoyed all theirs tasks on a pleasant sunny day.

After a little break the 50 students were divided into 2 groups to start gardening activities and team building games. The participants learned how to make different types of compost; they also learnt how to make garden beds and plant seeds.

Through games the participants learnt about leadership, honesty, trust, cooperation and responsibility.

After a healthy lunch and IDEP Foundation film screening, the guest trekked over the rice field and went to visit another sustainable organization, Mitra Bali that actively participates in economic and social development in Bali through the fair trade, where the founding partner Pak Agung Alit with an inspiring speech welcomed them.

We all hope that the one-day gathering has been a good educational trip for the BHA scholars or rather the future generation who will be given the legacy for a sustainable tourism industry development in Bali.