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Caring for Natural Resources, Nandurin Gumi Project Provides Education Through Film and Tracking

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Various parties seek environmental conservation. It means to protect and preserve nature as a human habitation. This awareness is a shared responsibility and has been pursued through multiple approaches.

The Nandurin Gumi Project is one of the independent groups that started the movement to care for nature through fun things. The project is a cross-community collective activity that focuses on conservation. An open collaboration was announced on 7 February 2023 through various social media to participate in several activities, namely film screening, tree seed rescue, tree care, discussions, and tree planting.

Most areas in Bali experience various events due to natural imbalances. Four years ago, Mongabay, an online news site that provides news about conservation and environmental competitiveness, once covered some of the ecological damage that is starting to have a lot of impact on Bali. There was a significant impact on most areas that experienced landslides and over-exploitation, which threatened the lack of raw water for irrigation and drinking water and the conversion of agricultural land. In the same year, many environmental discussions in Bali were pessimistic about Bali’s future.

Film screenings and stories from each filmmaker

Harmony between nature and humans is essential for the Balinese people’s prosperity and happiness. Apart from being a vital element for religious rituals, most people also have jobs in the environmental sector. In 2021 the types of work in the agriculture, forestry, and fisheries categories will be the highest in the Province of Bali. Data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) for the Province of Bali records that there will be 534,705 working in this sector in 2021.

The first agenda of the Nandurin Gumi Project was held on Friday (10/2/2023). Starting with a screening of an environmental-themed film, the Nandurin Gumi Project event’s climax takes place by saving the forest on Sunday (12/2/2023).

Several youth communities in Buleleng are enthusiastic about this issue. They also joined the film screening agenda at Kopi DeKakiang and several other parties, such as NGOs focusing on environmental issues, representatives of government agencies, and young people from Singaraja City.

The first film is a documentary entitled Harvesting Rain by //ra, which tells about the condition of the people in Karangasem during the dry season who depend on ponds where water availability is increasingly limited. The second film, The Last Forest by Wayan Martino, tells about the condition of the last forest in Bali, located in Jembrana and still being maintained today. Even though it looks green and shady, the state of this forest is almost threatened by forest exploitation by local people who change the function of the forest by starting to plant cocoa and other plantation crops.

Putu Bawa, a representative from IDEP Foundation, was also present and contributed a reasonable opinion in the discussion session after the film screening. He conveyed and explained data on seawater intrusion in Bali and its impact on the availability of clean water on this island. In addition, he also appealed to the involvement of young people in Singaraja to participate in a positive campaign related to water protection in Bali.

The highlight of the Nandurin Gumi Project was held for the following two days. About 25 youths were involved in it. The agenda is tracking and saving the seeds until they thrive before being returned to the Panji Anom Forest, Buleleng.


Article: Nicolaus Sulistyo

Photo: Kardian Narayana © Prasmanan Air