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Disaster Risk Reduction Training with World Relief International for Indonesia

Disaster Risk Reduction Training with World Relief International for Indonesia: Strengthening the capacity of Dompu Community with Community Disaster Management Group.

On July 11th IDEP Foundation host and facilitate Disaster Risk Reduction training for 5 days at IDEP Training Center for World Relief International (WRI) for Indonesia field officers from Dompu, West Nusa Tenggara. IDEP conducted this training for WRI to enhance its team capacity and knowledge about the aspects of disaster, mitigation, emergency response, and strengthening community resilience to response the importance of DRR integrated actions in their area.

Attended by six WRI representatives, the training became very interactive and developed engaging activities with all of the participants. Some of the participant already have basic knowledge on establishing and conduct emergency response, and mitigation process through bureaucracy approach, which part of important element to reducing disaster risk.

One of the highlight topics that the participants want to focus on is to establish a properly developed Community Disaster Management Group (CDMG). They were understood how important integrating every important aspect in community groups, each specification of responsibilities and roles before, during, and after the disaster happened. CDMG is essential, and the establishment processes have to come from all societal aspects within the community itself.

Watch our video regarding to Disaster Management here.

IDEP Foundation has been working with Indonesian community to reduce disaster risk in the community for more than a decade. Developing educational and media campaign toolkit and workshops, enhancing the knowledge and capacity of not only the community, but to governmental stage, supportive business sectors, and also social organizations since it becomes the main three pillars on achieving resilience community to disaster.

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