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Family Buckets Reached 140 Flood-Affected Families in Lengkeka

On March 25, the Family Bucket aid packages reached 140 families affected by flash floods in Lengkeka village, West Lore sub-district, Poso, Central Sulawesi. IDEP distributed the packages with local partners YPAL Poso and Libu Perempuan in collaboration with the local village government. The flood occurred on March 3 caused 1 people to die, 951 people forced to evacuate, hundreds of houses damaged, farming areas damaged, and daily activity paralyzed. The Family Bucket, which is estimated to meet the affected family’s needs for approximately 2 weeks to 1 month, contains healthy food and drinks, baby needs, medicines, sanitation needs, shelter equipment, and disaster-related education media.

The Family Buckets were handed-over to village government officers before they distribute them to affected families (Photo: YPAL Poso)

After the flood occurred, the families were mostly forced to evacuate to evacuation post at the West Lore sub-district office, while some of them choose to stay in the storage houses at the rice fields that are not affected by flooding. Their daily activities are almost paralyzed. Floods also damaged the farming areas. Consequently, the evacuees have no much options but to depend on logistical assistance from outside. Even though the public kitchen has been set up and is functioning, there has not been much help they received to survive while in evacuation camps.

The family bucket (Photo: YPAL Poso)

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic widespread, they have no options but to leave the post and return to their homes, which are mostly damaged. Therefore, in line with joint efforts to reduce the risk of the spread of Covid-19, the Family Bucket distribution process for those affected families was carried out based on several protocols related to the virus. One way was to require families to stay at home while the village government distributed the Family Buckets door to door.

Thank you to donors, supporters and all the parties who have helped to make this distribution possible. Visit IDEP on Facebook Page for more stories and photos. (Ed)