IDEP Foundation

IDEP Foundation 17th Anniversary Tri Hita Karana

This year IDEP Foundation is 17 years old!

Established on May 15th, 1999 IDEP is getting older and more mature. With the tagline “We GROW to Help People Help Themselves” IDEP have been growing and keep growing as an organization to work and serve Indonesia.

IDEP’s anniversary celebrated with Tri Hita Karana as the main theme, so the activities taking up for three days in a row. Tri Hita Karana is Balinese Hindu philosophy picturing the harmonious relationship between human and God, human and human, human and nature.

The purpose of this series of events is to strengthen and foster a sense of belonging and a strong teamwork among the staff of IDEP, and still contribute to the environment and culture. Hence most of the events were exclusively only for invitations.

The event opened with the beach cleanup activity in one of reclamation areas in Tanjung Benoa. IDEP choose Nusa Pudut as the target action to support the clean beach campaign against reclamation initiatives within the area, thus also part of the statement of IDEP on the issue concerned. For half a day IDEP team managed to collect 24 bags of waste plastic, cans, bottles, glass, fabric, and pieces of Styrofoam.

Garbage is the main enemy for the development of mangrove forests in the coastal area, and there are many mangrove trees newly planted in Nusa Pudut. Therefore, it is necessary that the area have to be free of litter to be able to protect this conservation area. This activity is part of IDEP intentions to establish a good relationship with nature other than IDEP activities normally.

On the second day, continued by a celebration activity. IDEP opened his office on Sunday and invite relatives to present to enliven the entertainment events. All the performers consist of the IDEP staff and families, such as the little dancers who present the dances were very beautiful, are the children of the staff of IDEP. Musician, poet, bondres (Balinese comedy theatre) are all performed by IDEP staffs member.

The event, which lasted from morning until late afternoon, seems pretty simple yet very intimate, because most of attendees were friends of IDEP Foundation. Not forgetting the photo exhibition and film screenings also a warning IDEP IDEP development for 17 years. Cutting Tumpeng by Ade Andreawan was the highlight of the Open House event that day, everyone prayed so that IDEP can continue to grow, develop, and serve the community to be able to help themselves.

The event was closed on the third day, by doing spiritual tour to implement relationship development with God, Tirtayatra. IDEP team whose majority is Hindu carry out a trip for nunas tirta (ask for holy water) in sanctified places, in order to bring back the blessings and prayers for the success of IDEP in order to continue to grow better.

This pilgrim destination started by going to Pura Melanting, which located in Buleleng region, North Bali. This sacred temple is a place for Hindu Bali to ask and seek for prosperity and wisdom in business, or maintaining organization.  The journey continued by going to Pura Segara Rupek, which located inside of West-Bali National Park (North West Bali).  The pilgrim itself intended as the conclusion of the whole celebration for IDEP’s 17th Anniversary, where all the staffs fervently sending our prayers sending our gratitude and asking for blessings to keep up the good work.

Hopefully IDEP can continue to grow, and help people to help themselves.