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IDEP Foundation welcomes Waterbom Bali as a BWP fundraising partner

The Bali Water Protection  team relaunched its “Save Bali Water”crowdfunding in October, with updated content. We sure have an ambitious goal and the initial funding of US$100 000 can look difficult to achieve through donations from individuals. This initial funding will be used to finance critical research on the recharge wells’ location, design the educational curriculum and the media campaign.

However, we have amazing news. We have matched with a fantastic partner who will take our fundraising efforts to a whole new level: Waterbom Bali, the biggest and the most fun water park in South East Asia! The Bali Water Protection program is indeed now officially part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme.

Waterbom is a water park located in South Bali, established since 1993 (and becoming the most wanted destination for water lover). Every day, they welcome visitors from all over the world to have fun in a wide range of attractions that turn water into fun experiences.

The waterpark operates with a wristband system lent to guests in exchange of a deposit before adding funds to be used inside the park to pay for rides, food, etc.

Waterbom Bali is now asking every customer to support the BWP program fundraiser by donating their wristband deposit upon their will as well as what monies are left in the wristband at the end of their fun day experience. This is a fantastic idea that will undoubtedly lead us to our minimum goal of US 100 000 very quickly while raising the guest’s awareness about the water crisis in Bali.

Sayan Gulino, the water park’s General Manager, is a genuinely committed business leader. His 2014 TedX Ubud talk “Running out of water, running out of time” is one of the most inspiring you can watch. In this video, he highlights the importance of water for Balinese Hinduism “Agama Tirtha”, the religion of holy water, also core of IDEP’s commitment to save Bali’s freshwater through the BWP program.

Talking about water scarcity – on an island where you operate a water park is a very bold and courageous thing to do: that’s called leadership!

Some might wonder why a water park would sponsor a program like BWP. Obviously, they use water and a water scarcity would not be good for business, both in terms of reputation and ongoing operational success – but there is more to it: they care.

Therefore, Waterbom is taking action within its premises with close circuit systems and push button taps to reduce the park’s water use, but they are aware that it cannot solve everything:

“From a business standpoint, it is my responsibility to be aware of how every drop of water can be reduced. Yes technology aided us and it is a given that a water park uses water “, Sayan Gulino said.

Technology itself has its limits – and the Bali Water protection program is the perfect way for them to compensate the remaining water losses.

IDEP Foundation has a strong ethics in terms of who we accept as sponsors IDEP tends to partner with enterprises whom own vision and mission matches ours to develop, protect, and conserve human and nature. Therefore, we welcome Waterbom as a BWP sponsor with the certitude that they will take the lead to influence other businesses to take charge and  be a pioneer in leading the way to freshwater resilience in Bali.

“Water is a resource that commands respect. We have to fight for this resource” (Sayan Gulino, 2014). Glad to have you to join our fight Waterbom!

For more information about Waterbom’s involvement, you can read their official statement.

Please join Waterbom to save Bali’s freshwater by donating to our crowdfunding campaign

Make a Christmas donation to Save Bali Water!

Thank you from our Hearts! – BWP Team J