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IDEP Garden Day Celebrates 17 years of “Helping people, help themselves”

IDEP Garden Day Celebrates 17 years of “Helping people, help themselves”

IDEP was joined on the 17th Anniversary Garden Day by visitors and knowledge sharers from Ubud to Australia. Thank you to Michelle Dunscombe of JEDER Institute, in Melbourne, for sharing the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) workshop with our local team and global friends.

All are welcome every Friday at Garden Day to learn permaculture food production!

1. IDEP Permaculture Master – Sayu Komang – teaches ‘natural herbicide making from herbs’ to visitors from Yayasan Cahaya Mutiara Ubud at Garden Day 17th Anniversary – how to keep the bugs away from our lovely crops in a natural, environmentally-friendly technique to protect food and ecosystems.

2. Our Yayasan Cahaya Mutiara Ubud friends – a local disability independence foundation – enjoy the permaculture garden trail at IDEP demonstration office, our new riverside location in Kemenuh is now rich and ripe with fresh gardens of vegetable and herb beds. All are welcome to visit!

3. IDEP family having potluck lunch after Garden Day! Everyone from the office bring and share their own food, and sit together to enjoy the meal with hands. All dishes and rice served on banana leafs. What a delightful moment reflecting about sharing goodness to each other.

4. IDEP Friend Michelle Dunscombe – of JEDER Institute, Melbourne, leads a specialty Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) workshop  – ABCD technique – with our team at IDEP and visitors from USA, Israel, Holland and Australia. Our communities are rich in resources – “how do we map the treasures and recognise, expand and promote the resources, talents and abundance for benefit of all?”

5. “What makes a great community?” – IDEP Resource Development Officer, Doni Marmer, presents the findings of his team at ABCD workshop.

6. Sharing is Caring – IDEP team and friends brainstorming session – Knowledge-sharing at work and in the community: We love to learn, as well as teach: “helping people, to help themselves”!

See you next Friday for Garden Day – 8.30am to 11am at IDEP permaculture gardens, Kemenuh.