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IDEP Held Financial Management Training for NGOs

From IDEP’s experience of 20th years of existence, financial management is one of the important keys to the survival of the organization. By applying it, organizations have the knowledge, systems, and tools to ensure that their financial resources are used effectively and efficiently to achieve their goals. Otherwise, an organization of any kind will not last long.

One of the exercise sessions (Photo: Fitra H. Nisa)

In order to share experiences regarding the importance of financial management, IDEP held a Financial Management Training for NGOs on 17-21 June 2019. Located in Gangga Blesta Homestay, the training was attended by nine participants. The facilitators were Made Sri Handayani and Yosephine Avi Rembulan. Both are Financial Manager and Resource Development Coordinator for IDEP.

Yosephine Avi Rembulan, left-behind, and Made Sri Handayani, right-behind, are sharing about IDEP experience in financial management for 20 years of it's existence (Photo: Fitra H. Nisa)

The participants represented three NGOs such as Rikolto Indonesia (Bali area), Yayasan Gugah Nurani Indonesia (East Manggarai area), and World Neighbors (Indonesia-Timor Leste area). Seven of them are women. On average, they all are managers or financial staff in their respective organizations.

Each participant is asked to share their organization practices on financial management to be discussed by the others (Photo: Fitra H. Nisa)

As it is quite different from what is generally applied to business units, the participants were invited to go back to explore various material regarding financial management for NGOs for five-days training. These materials cover the overview of financial management for NGOs, planning and budgeting, accounting, financial statements, asset protection, and audit management.

Group discussion for participants from the same organization (Photo: Fitra H. Nisa)

From the beginning, the training was facilitated with a participatory method through sharing sessions, group discussions, presentations, and exercises. These ways are intended to empower each participant to find the proper financial management patterns and methods based on the peculiarities of their respective organizational characteristics.

Photo session after the training (Photo: Fitra H. Nisa)

Feel free to contact IDEP through email at if there is an interest to join such training. (Ed)