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IDEP Shares Experiences in Conducting Activities at School with

As one of IDEP’s efforts to support and increase knowledge related to sustainable development through an educational approach, IDEP conducted a sharing session with the Yayasan Green-Books Indonesia. In line with IDEP, which uses a permaculture approach into the curriculum for students through Learnscapes, Green-Books Indonesia distributes books related to teaching materials for environmental conservation.

Sharing Session with ( June 9, 2021)

This knowledge sharing session was initiated by Green-Books Indonesia as part of their steps to develop best practices which will be formulated into a Special Guidebook for Learning related to Plastic Waste Problems, especially at the school level. IDEP Foundation is seen as one of the organizations that have a comprehensive program that is implemented in collaboration with school officials not only with teachers and students but also with the government agencies/education office.

The IDEP team was represented by Dewa Gd. Wira Utama, one of the IDEP Foundation Project Officers who coordinates activities related to schools, while from the Green-Books side, Petr Hindrich is represented. This sharing session also discussed the challenges and projected activities carried out with the Education sector in response to the ongoing pandemic situation. In addition, Petr also said that related to the activity of preparing the Plastic Waste Handbook for schools, it would be disseminated to at least 50 schools located in Lombok, Mataram, Malang, and covering urban and rural areas. Later the Guidebook can be accessed for free by schools and teachers who intend to use it as teaching materials. 

IDEP Foundation is open to opportunities for collaboration in program implementation and research related to aspects of sustainable development. Non-profit organizations and/or private institutions interested in collaborating with IDEP can reach us by e-mail at The provisions of our policy in partnerships or implementing cooperation and collaboration in community activities can be accessed at the following link: (Fhn)