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Marine plastic trash uniting nations

IDEP – Indonesia – and Asia-Pacific gets serious about marine trash!

Marine plastic trash and Bali are trending – Indonesia pledges to “combat this crisis” – and fundraising continues for IDEPs #CleanIslandsHealthySeas pilot – join us!

Zero Waste to Ocean

“The biggest ‘threat after terrorism is garbage,” stated Mr Efansjah, Senior Advisor to Indonesian Minister of Environment, at Zero Waste to Ocean forum in Bali, calling on packaging producers to take responsibility for the plastic pollution they manufacture.

“Indonesia’s government will commit a strong pledge to combat this crisis and reduce marine trash by 20% within five years”.

During World Ocean Summit week – local and international NGOs, government advisers, hotels and tourism representatives attended Zero Waste to Ocean on 22 Feb to discuss impacts and solutions for the island’s own plastic trash crisis.

‘Jimbaran’ – Credit: Anderson Lucena

“We are creating the waste”

“It’s you and me, we are creating the waste,” said Alila Hotels Group Director, Engineering and Sustainability Piet Van Zyl. “Nothing has changed since SDG 12 on ‘responsible consumption’ was ratified in 2016 Paris Agreement’.

Committed to zero waste in four Alila Hotels by July 2017, Van Zyl called on all hotels for urgent action, to work together with Bali communities and put a stop the tourist island’s growing mountains of trash.

Clean Islands, Healthy Seas

Great to see action at last –  and good news for #CleanIslandsHealthySeas recycle pilot set to launch during 2017 – we still need help to raise seed funding – to kick start this community model. Collaboration is key – and success will happen if all work together to solve this plastic trash crisis, gone global. Please Donate!

Nusa Ceningan: waste management is non-existent

This inclusive-conservation, circular economy, trash recycling model on Bali sister-island Nusa Ceningan – where waste management is non-existent – is a win-win for marine environments and local economy, linking livelihoods with survival of wildlife – Help us achieve the mission to:

•    Rebuild community pride
•    Educate on waste management and conservation
•    Turn trash into income for island communities
•    Waste nothing – for clean beaches, clean islands and healthy seas!

IDEPs ‘Clean Islands, Healthy Seas’ program aims to replicate on other small islands in eastern Indonesia starting a chain of action to keep plastics out of the sea.


Waste nothing: ‘How to make a broom from plastic bottles’

Marine Plastic Pollution – the Pacific Solution

The Indonesian Throughflow Current carries millions of tonnes of plastic trash through a sea corridor to the Pacific and Indian Oceans, to pollute coastlines and threaten marine life of neighbour nations.

On a recent visit to IDEP’s Bali office in Kemenuh village, a development professional who works with indigenous groups in Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, discussed common cultural links of Indonesia’s eastern islands and traditional coastal communities of Australia’s northeastern tip.

“Sharing a strong spiritual connection to Nature, and histories of traditional life in tropical landscapes – is even more interesting now with Cape York coastlines covered in marine trash coming on ocean currents from Indonesia,” she said, while touring IDEPs permaculture garden.

“What an amazing story – imagine our two cultures working together to find innovative solutions to our shared issues.”


IDEP is invited – Marine Plastic Pollution – the Pacific Solution – Sydney, October 2017

Regional solutions: ‘IDEP joins Boomerang Alliance’

IDEP is invited to ‘The Solutions’ panel at Marine Plastic Pollution conference by Boomerang Alliance – the force behind Australia’s campaign tackling the threat of marine plastic pollution and national container deposit systems – as a regional voice for Indonesian NGOs and Southeast Asia.

Aiming to mobilise all communities, industry and governments to urgently tackle global marine trash challenges – we look forward to joining Marine Plastic Pollution 2017, Sydney! Donate Today!

Join IDEP’s mission: #CleanIslandsHealthySeas – in Indonesia and beyond, toward a global #CleanSeas goal?


Help fund IDEP at Marine Plastic Pollution – the Pacific Solution 2017 – to be a voice for Indonesia at this important regional conference in Oct 2017? (We can help make solutions happen!)

Help fund #CleanIslandsHealthySeas – IDEPs small island circular-economy, conservation program on Nusa Ceningan (There’s not much grant funding for this urgent mission – it’s up to us, to do it!)