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Online Training Series for WVI Manggarai Assisted Farmer Groups (Part 2)

It’s been two times since the COVID-19 pandemic started, IDEP has been delivering online training for farmer groups in Manggarai district, East Nusa Tenggara. The farmers are the beneficiaries of the Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) program. The first training was about integrated pest management. The second one was about healthy and sustainable seed saving, integrated nurseries for horticulture plants, and packaging method for horticulture product (yield product and non-value-added). It was held on 25 August and participated by 27 farmers.

One of the online training sessions (Doc: IDEP)

The training consists of five sessions. The first one is the basic principles of seed saving, nursery development, and various effective techniques of how to develop nurseries and do seed saving. The second is integrated-nurseries design. The third is the basic principle of raw product shipment/shipping. The fourth is how to keep the quality of the product. Q&A session on the challenges or issues encountered is the last one.

All the materials were delivered through sharing and discussion based on the practices carried out by the farmers. To make the concept more practical, some tutorial videos on seed saving and nurseries practice were also on screening during the session. The videos produced by IDEP are featured on Youtube.

Question and Answer sessions (Doc: IDEP)

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