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Permaculture Training at IDEP Training Center with 19 Farmers From World Vision Indonesia Chapter Manggarai

For the second time this year, IDEP Foundation hosted and facilitated an Introduction to Permaculture training for World Vision Indonesia. This time, 19 participants came from Manggarai chapter, Flores Islands, East Nusa Tenggara. Most of them are the members of local farmers group, who grow coffee and some other perennials, and already established an organic bokashi compost business.

The training itself was conducted in 6 days of direct practice and interactive activities, involving all the participants to directly learn about the elements of permaculture, and developing a sustainable organic garden. Some of the highlighted topics that the participants took interest the most are about Integrated Pest Management, Aquaculture and the production of natural fish pallets, organic composting, and big scale sustainable agriculture.

Full-day trainings initiated as part of World Vision Indonesia community development program to increase the capacity of local community, especially in agricultural sector. Eventhough most of them are familiar with local agricultural practices, but permaculture is still new for them to learn. Learning about how to enhance big scale perennials garden, especially Manggarai is famous with its coffee, and also how to produce natural fish pallets for their own fish farm.

IDEP Foundation feel honored as collaborator for the capacity building and community development project of World Vision Indonesia chapter Manggarai. As our organization provides training and consultancy regarding to the implementation of permaculture and sustainable agriculture for community across Indonesia, IDEP publishing authentic permaculture manual books, produce video tutorials regarding to developing sustainable farming, media toolkits, and also assistance in garden planning and design.

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